Alex Murdaugh Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Accused of Murdering his Wife and Son

Alex Murdaugh Wiki – Alex Murdaugh  Bio

Alex Murdaugh, South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, who was charged and arrested in the June 2021 double murder of his wife Maggie and son Paul, is now charging his cousin Curtis Eddie Smith, the hit man he allegedly hired to kill him. of the murders. Murdaugh’s legal counsel has backed up the claim that police missed a shred of evidence linking Smith to the murders.

Murdaugh is in custody on charges that include stealing millions from his law firm to finance his addiction to opioids. He continues to maintain his innocence and blames Smith for the death of his wife and son. In a recent court filing, Murdaugh’s attorneys say police turned a blind eye to a lie detector test in which Smith was asked about the murders. Smith told authorities that he was “nowhere near” the Murdaugh family home the night of the murders and that he had been at his home with friends of his. However, the test revealed that he had lied.


Alex Murdaugh‘s age is unknown.

Accused of Murdering his Wife and Son

Smith is also behind bars after police say Murdaugh hired Smith to shoot him in the back of the head weeks after the deaths of Maggie and Paul for an alleged insurance scam. During the same polygraph test, Smith advocated another theory that Maggie was having an affair with the groundskeeper when Paul walked in and discovered the ordeal. The gardener, in a panic, murdered both Maggie and Paul. Smith did not provide details about the outfielder or explain how he thought that might be likely.

However, Smith’s attorney stressed that he is not guilty of murdering Maggie and Paul and that he has a “tight” alibi to prove it. He states that “Eddie Smith continues to be a victim of Alex Murdaugh and his acts of him”. He further adds that “ever since the murders, Murdaugh has been trying to insinuate Smith’s involvement in the case ‘and that’s a continuation of that.”

Days after police learned Murdaugh hired Smith as a hit man, his case made another shocking revelation about the 2018 death of Murdaugh family housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, who died after suffering a fall at home. of the family. Her son sued Murdaugh for allegedly stealing money she paid through an insurance company after he filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Maggie and Paul’s deaths also shed light on an earlier scandal involving the death of a 19-year-old girl in a boat driven by Paul. Paul was allegedly driving an intoxicated boat when it crashed, sending Mallory Beach overboard. Seven days later, her body was found five miles from the crash site. Although Paul never pleaded guilty to the crime. Alex allegedly developed an opiate addiction after the death of his wife and son. The police claim that his failed suicide attempt through Smith was an insurance scam for the sake of his remaining son, Buster.

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