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Anjali Singh, Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a woman being dragged to her death by a car for nearly an hour on New Year’s Day after the vehicle collided with her bike and she became entangled in the axle.

Anjali Singh’s body was dragged behind the car that she collided with her scooter as she was returning home from work in the early morning of January 1. The event manager was reportedly dragged for about six miles after the horrific accident that happened in New Delhi, India. Disturbing CCTV footage emerged showing her body being dragged away by the car that struck her. Local police revealed that the car was occupied by five men in their 20s and they drove on for miles.


Anjali Singh died at the age of 20 years old.

Shocking CCTV Clip Woman Dragged Six Miles to Her Death By Car

As reported by The Indian Express, Anjali was dragged along the road for almost an hour from around 2:30 am. Meanwhile, witnesses made at least five emergency calls to the police. “It was horrible,” a witness told the outlet. “I was outside my store when I heard a noise and saw the body being dragged under the car. I yelled at the defendant but no one stopped. They were making a U-turn. I called the police and chased the men, but they were making noise. music.”

Anjali’s family believes she was sexually assaulted considering her body was discovered naked, but an autopsy report concluded there were “no injuries to suggest” this. According to Delhi Police Officer Sagar Preet Hooda, the provisional cause of death for her was “shock and hemorrhage due to injuries to the head, spine, left femur, and both lower extremities.” The five men who were in the car are now in police custody, charged with manslaughter and wrongful death.

Police confirmed that the defendant had claimed that he borrowed a friend’s vehicle and fled the scene in a panic after hitting the victim. They claimed they did not realize her body was being dragged behind them. The defendants also said they could not hear his shouting over the loud music, but police sources revealed they were drunk.

Authorities are being aided in their investigation by a woman named Nidhi who was reportedly a passenger on Anjali’s scooter and had fled the scene in fear. Speaking to The Print, Delhi police sources said Nidhi was intoxicated at the time of the accident, as were the five men in the car dragging the deceased. “They said during questioning that they did not realize her body was trapped under the car and only realized later when the body was untangled. Then they returned the car to the house of his friend Ashutosh, who had borrowed it from his brother-in-law Lokesh,” Hooda said.

Amit Shah, India’s Home Minister, has ordered Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora to launch an investigation into the police response to the accident. While road traffic accidents are quite common in the country, Anjali’s tragic death has drawn attention mostly due to its gruesome nature and the fact that it took place on a night when the Delhi Police had deployed 18,000 officers to patrol. the city, The Sun reported.

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