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Anthony Janeway, A woman reportedly said her 11-year-old son was subjected to inhumane treatment, including suffocation, scratching, and verbal abuse, at a facility where a seven-year-old boy died of suffocation. Autumn Janeway said her son Anthony de Ella was subjected to “physical and mental abuse” at the Brooklawn Institution in Louisville from July 2021 to March.

Janeway, who filed a malpractice lawsuit against the center’s parent company on Friday, Nov. 18, said she had enrolled Anthony in the center for private residential therapeutic treatment for a variety of issues, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. , oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, and because he was hurting himself and his younger siblings and running away, according to NBC News.


Anthony Janeway is 11 years old.

Choked and Verbally Abused’ at Kentucky Facility

She admitted that she went to great lengths to keep Anthony, a special needs and developmentally delayed boy, at home since he was five years old and was constantly worried about his and his siblings’ safety, according to NBC news.

Brooklawn, owned and operated by the nonprofit Uspiritus which treats children with mental and behavioral needs, was Anthony’s first institutional home. help, we trust places like Brooklawn,” Janeway said, according to NBC News.

According to the lawsuit, which names Uspiritus and Seven Counties Services as defendants, Anthony told Janeway during a call early Oct. 3, 2021, that employees at the facility were “strangling” him. After hearing that, she, her fiancé, and her three other children drove an hour west from Georgetown to Brooklawn.

Upon arrival, she tried to enter Anthony’s cabin, but the facility director took her to another building where she met him. The lawsuit further said that when she hugged him, she saw “bright red circular marks and bruises” on his neck along with “bruises” on his chest. “I absolutely lost it. I hit the ground. I was so emotional. I didn’t know what to do,” Janeway said, according to the outlet.

The facility director was quick to attribute it to “a position of restraint” in which Anthony had been placed. However, Janeway didn’t buy it. In the lawsuit, Anthony reportedly said that a staff member, whom she called “Miss Debbie” and had long fingernails, “twisted her neck and scratched her,” which was the reason behind the red marks.

Speaking to the outlet, she said: “She drowned me. She had this smile or smirk on her face as she did it. I was always scared,” she said. She reportedly said that she had seen “other children being abused and suffocated by Miss Debbie.”

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Brooklawn has also been marred by several previous complaints. Ja’Ceon Terry, a 7-year-old ward of the state who had been housed at the facility, died of “positional asphyxia” on July 17, the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office reported, NBC reported.

A program manager at the time reportedly recalled being told that a child (Terry) had been suffocated by two employees and had begun vomiting. No charges have been filed, but two employees involved in the incident have been fired.

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