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Aparna Singh, who is based in the US, was visiting Varanasi, considered the spiritual capital of India, for a business trip.

A model has faced major backlash for criticizing a spiritual Indian city in a viral video. She was inspired to start the brand after a trip to the country in 2017 after not visiting for 10 years.

At the same time, she was pursuing a career as a model and actress and gifted her jewelry to celebrities she knew. However, in 2018, Aparna was involved in a car accident that left her with a fractured neck, ankles, and knees. She explained that while she was on bed rest for two months, she got drunk on every episode of “Shark Tank” and after being able to walk several months later, the first thing she did was go on a spiritual journey to India.

“I focused more than ever on my business, including producing a swimwear line that incorporated Indian textiles.”

Aparna was featured on Forbes India and it was during the pandemic that her TikTok went viral and orders for her nose rings skyrocketed. During her recent trip to Varanasi, she met with her maker to learn how jewelry for her brand is made “and further refine my products.”

Aparna was born and raised in Georgia, USA, with her family hailing from Lucknow, India.


Aparna Singh’s age is unknown.

Apologizes for Disrespectful Comments About India & Viral Video

She was in town to meet the maker behind her Indian Goddess Boutique jewelry brand and while she was there, she recorded a TikTok titled “Scariest City I’ve Ever Been: Varanasi, India.”

The clip was labeled “disrespectful” by furious TikTok users with Aparna, who is of Indian descent, forced to apologize, saying she never meant for her to appear rude.

In the clip, she said: “The scariest city I’ve ever been to is Varanasi, India, the Ganges river, which is really polluted with sewage,” she began while showing off footage.

“You see that people are bathing in it. On the way to the hotel, you see corpses being burned, and look at the hotel, how creepy does it look?

“You had to climb 40 steps and even the interior was a bit bold and scary,” he continued.

“The gate was creepy and the electric fences so the monkeys don’t get in, and to get in and out of the hotel you have to go into this shady alley.”

“You see people sleeping in the middle of the street and even dogs, yeah guys this place is really creepy.”

Nearly 10,000 people commented on the video calling out the business owner for criticizing the holy city.

“Maybe travel with an open mind?” one person wrote.

“Next time do your research beforehand and be open to new experiences without so much judgment,” another person wrote, to which Aparna replied: “I did my research, it was worse than I imagined and I freaked out.”

One woman said that she traveled to India alone, including a visit to Varanasi during the Holi festival.

“It is the most magical place to be because of the cultural and historical heritage. I recommend everyone to visit because you will never experience that atmosphere anywhere else,” she wrote.

“This shows the power of perception; what is beauty can be so subjective. I’m sorry you were scared but find beauty even if it’s hard,” said another.

TikTok user Laav Patel responded to Aparna’s clip saying that “the creepy music was so unnecessary” adding that he was “so sorry” that she had a bad experience.

“[But] I want to address some of her points,” he said.

Laav said the city is mentioned in the oldest Hindu scriptures and has a geometric design based on its chakra system “to help you awaken the Kundalini” (a form of divine feminine energy).

“The reason why Hindus bathe in the Ganges River is that it is considered their holy water and is actually said to take away all the papam, which loosely translates as a sin.”

According to Laav, the reason why so many funeral pyres are seen in Varanasi is that it is the only city where Hindus can be cremated 24 hours a day.

“Adding to that, many people come to die in this city, the reason is that in Hindu scriptures it is said that anyone who dies in this city is broken from the cycle of reincarnation.”

He said that as for those who “sleep on the streets” due to the millions of Indians coming to the city, he “pushes a lot of poor people from different states to beg”.

The only thing he agreed with Aparna on was how polluted the river is.

“Many political parties in the past promised to clean it up, but we haven’t seen much change.”

After Aparna’s clip blew up, he shared another clip apologizing for seeming “disrespectful.”

“As I said, I would like to apologize because I was not trying to be disrespectful. I was just telling my experience,” Aparna explained.

“Maybe it was the tone, the music. I have been traveling everywhere and I have been posting about Jaipur, I have been posting about Mumbai. They don’t care about the good videos I post, but as soon as I say what a bad experience I had, it just blows up: TikTok, that’s just the way everyone is.”

She said that she meant “no harm or disrespect” and that some people just turned “nothing into something.”

“India is a beautiful country. I don’t like comments, ‘I would never go to India’.”

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“It’s a beautiful country, but this specific area, it just wasn’t my environment. I receive people who go there for a spiritual journey; It is a sacred city with a lot of history. I get it, but it just wasn’t my vibe.”

She also thanked a follower who commented that “at least you [sic] giving business to that poor area is a good job [sic]”.

“Thank you for that comment because as an Indian I wanted to give back to my country so that I can provide a good salary and an ethical work environment. That’s the goal, thanks for watching.”

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