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Azea Augustama, who represented Haiti at the 2008 Olympics, was arrested on November 22 after laying down an AK-47.

A former professional boxer who was once dubbed “one of the brightest up-and-coming light heavyweights in the world” has been jailed after threatening to shoot himself in a gym after being banned from fighting. Azea Augustama, who represented Haiti at the 2008 Olympics, was arrested on Tuesday, November 22 after laying down an AK-47. He was charged with three felonies.

According to the affidavit, he was charged with two counts of issuing written threats to commit a mass shooting and one count of threatening to kill or cause bodily harm. The 39-year-old, known as the “Haitian hitman,” worked as a personal trainer at the BOXR gym in Miami, where he was banned from, according to reports.


Azea Augustama is 39 years old.

Arrested for Threatening to Orchestrate a Mass Shooting

According to a police report from, a search notice was issued to him on November 11. Agustama then shared a photo of the shooter from the horrific 2018 Parkland school massacre on Instagram on Tuesday, Nov. 22, saying he was “considering shooting.” a group of people who say that he “touched a girl”. Apparently, this is after he told the police that he was going back to the gym to take the items from him. The former boxer stated that he is “willing to shoot with a real gun or a bazooka [sic]”.

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“He’s the first when I get my gun,” he allegedly texted a gym member, along with a photo. The gym’s owner, Mario Attalla, had reportedly told Augustama, “I can’t have you here,” revoking his membership and promising to refund the former professional boxer’s money. Cops say Augustama admitted to making threats after he was seen paying $150 for a rifle at a pawn shop after being banned. He was scheduled to appear in Miami-Dade County court on Wednesday, Nov. 23, according to Attalla, the owner of BOXR Gym, detailed what allegedly drew the Olympic boxer’s ire. “I think it was just a little incident inside the gym where I was being really rude to one of the trainers that work here, and the trainer basically told him ‘look, I’ve got a class going, come on.’ I just need you to finish your training,” he explained. “He got nervous and conflicted, so we had to push him away and say, ‘You can’t be talking to people like that,’ and he basically went ballistic,” the Daily Star reported.

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