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Becky Tollan died just weeks after giving birth to her baby after allegedly taking cocaine on a wild night out.
A new mum has died after taking cocaine on her first night out after the birth of her baby, a UK court has heard.

Becky Tollan, 23, died at a home in Lanarkshire, Scotland, on July 15, 2019, after partying with her sister-in-law and two men she met at a local pub.

The men, Barry McAuley, 40, and Martin Stewart, 34, were charged with manslaughter after allegedly providing Tollan with the Class A drug.


Becky Tollan died at the age of 23 years old.

Cause of Death

The duo’s trial began on Wednesday, with Tollan’s sister-in-law, Pamela Tollan, taking the stand to remember the brunette’s tragic death.

“Becky started shaking,” Pamela emotionally told the court, according to the Mirror. “I just thought she was cold, to begin with. I said: ‘What’s wrong with him?’ I was yelling, ‘Becky! Becky!’”

Pamela explained that she and Tollan went to a bar on the night of July 14, with the new mom excited for her first social event since she gave birth to a baby just weeks before.

The couple was sitting alone at a table when two drinks arrived, allegedly ordered by McAuley and Stewart.

Afterward, the woman went to talk to the two men and soon began drinking with them. Pamela told the court that Tollan then asked the men if they had any “things.”

“I knew exactly what he meant… asking if they had any cocaine,” the devastated sister-in-law said.

One of the men allegedly produced a “small bag” of the drug before Tollan disappeared into the bathroom to allegedly ingest it. The group later moved to a house in the area, where the new mom reportedly used more cocaine.

“Becky was her own person. No matter how much you told her, she wouldn’t listen to you,” Pamela stated. “I did tell him: ‘You don’t need it… you’re having a good time.’ I told him to stop because you don’t need him.”

After spending some time in the house, Pamela and Tollan were getting ready to leave when the new mom suddenly started to shake and get nervous.

Stewart, one of the men accused of providing the cocaine, allegedly asked Pamela if Tollan had “epilepsy.”

“I said no. He put her in the recovery position,” Pamela recalled, claiming Tollan was “constantly adjusting” and bleeding from her mouth after biting her tongue.

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She called emergency crews to the house, but they were unable to save the new mom, who was pronounced dead on July 15.

Pamela told the court that her sister-in-law had abstained from drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy and that her body may have been overwhelmed on her first night after giving birth.

McAuley and Stewart have pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter charge. The trial continues.

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