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Blake Allen called a biologically male student, who identifies as female, a “friend,” while his father referred to the student as “male.”

A 14-year-old student was suspended from a Vermont high school even though he allowed a transgender student to make “death threats” against the student who complained that the individual was wearing female locker rooms, a lawsuit alleges. Randolph Union High School reportedly suspended Blake Allen after she addressed a biologically male student, who identifies as female, as a “friend.” Blake’s father, Travis, who was the coach of the girls’ soccer team, was also suspended from his position for calling the student in question “male.”


Blake Allen is 14 years old.

Suspended for Misgendering Trans Student

The family has filed a lawsuit against the Orange Southwest School District Board, the Superintendent and two co-principals of the school in Vermont District Court. Several team members asked them to leave, according to the lawsuit. However, they refused to leave and some even said that Blake and Travis had made “inappropriate comments”. The lawsuit alleged that Layne Millington, superintendent, Lisa Floyd and Caty Sutton, co-directors, violated Blake and Travis’ First Amendment rights by attempting to dictate “what may be said on matters of public interest.” The lawsuit also alleges the school took no action and apparently turned a blind eye to the transgender student’s death threats against Blake. The student reportedly said, “I’m going to kill Blake Allen” after the locker room incident.

“I made a post on social media and referred to the male student as male, and I was grounded because I misgendered him,” Travis told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Oct. 27, speaking of the transgender student. He said he was uncomfortable with the 14-year-old transgender woman sharing the locker room with her daughter and other players. Travis was backed up by her daughter, who said the same thing that she also felt “really uncomfortable” seeing the trans student sharing the locker room with other girls. The coach and father of four said he was given an unpaid suspension when he publicly expressed his concerns.

Blake said that when he went to school authorities to complain about this matter, “they just shut me up, (saying) there was nothing they could do.” The teen was later told to participate in a “restorative justice circle” and to write a letter of apology to her trans schoolmate or face the consequences. “I said I’d rather have a five-day suspension than have to apologize because I’m not sorry,” she said, according to the New York Post.

According to her, she had to pay the price for speaking up and expressing her opinion “that a man should not be in the women’s locker room.” The Daily Signal previously reported that the same school came under scrutiny for banning the women’s volleyball team from its own locker room after multiple players, including Blake Allen, complained about the trans student.

While addressing the trans student’s legal guardian, Travis Allen wrote in his Facebook post after the locker room incident: “The truth is your son watched my daughter and many other girls change in the locker room. While he had a free show, they got raped. You think this is cool and classy. I wonder how you’d feel if I saw you undress.”

Southwest Orange Unified School District Superintendent Layne Millington wrote in a letter sent last week that Travis told school officials he singled out the trans student as male on purpose. “Such conduct is unprofessional and inappropriate, and is contrary to Vermont Directors Association athletic regulations, State of Vermont regulations, and RUHS expectations,” Millington wrote. The superintendent acknowledged that Allen has been suspended without pay for “misleading” the student. He added that school officials have “significant concerns” about the coach’s ability to “support all of our students as required by law.”

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They have since hired an attorney from Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal advocacy group committed to diminishing LGBTQ rights and protections. A lawsuit was filed against the Vermont school alleging unconstitutional retaliation by attorney Tyson Langhofer. Transgender students may participate in sports and use bathrooms or locker rooms that correspond to their ‘gender identity per Vermont education policy. “The use of bathrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider numerous factors,” the policy states. “A transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

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