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Blu Rolland was recently discovered under the hallway floor of his home, and was murdered three months ago, newly filed court documents reveal. Blu Rolland’s mother, Ashley Rolland, alleged in court documents that the murder was committed by her boyfriend, Nathan Bridges, who “drilled a hole in the hardwood floor, dug a hole in the ground, and buried [Blu] under it.” from the house ”.


Blu Rolland died at the age of 5 years old.

Found Buried Under Floorboards

The new claims were reportedly filed with the Lee County Circuit Court on Tuesday, December 20. According to the documents, the boy’s life was taken by Bridges on September 9, who put his head in the toilet bowl as “punishment.” Not only that, but the 33-year-old has also been accused of hurting Ashley’s other daughter, a six-year-old girl, by pushing her under hot water “as punishment for her behavioral problems.”

Currently, both the 28-year-old mother and her partner are in police custody. They were arrested last Saturday, December 17, and while the woman has been held at the St Francis County Detention Center, her lover is being held at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. The mother has been charged with a series of charges including capital murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a minor, and two counts of enabling child abuse. Bridges also face the same charges, except for the charge of ‘enabling child abuse’, The Daily Mail reported.

The new details emerge nearly a week after Blu’s body was found in the house under “freshly nailed boards.” It has been said that it was the children’s paternal grandmother, Karen Rolland, who alerted authorities after meeting her granddaughter that she “had apparent scabbing wounds on the top of her head.” During the court-ordered visit, the older woman also asked for Blu, but was told that she “was not at the residence.” Blu would have turned 6 on December 16, the day his body was discovered.

NBC News reported that “after a warranted search, authorities removed more flooring and dirt and discovered ‘an unidentified mass believed to be a small human body wrapped in multiple layers of plastic bags,’ which they transferred to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory. ” The cause and manner of death are expected to be known in one to two months.

Meanwhile, a family friend named Anita Widby has started a GoFundMe for financial help for the grieving family. In the campaign, she wrote: “My friend Karen has been trying to get custody of her grandson for over a year. She used the proper channels and 3 months ago she had to pay a ridiculous amount of money, but she just got the court order from her (this week) to see the kids every weekend. She went to look for her grandchildren on Friday and was told that the youngest was at a friend’s house and that the oldest could not walk. She immediately took her to the hospital. She was transferred to LeBonheur with serious injuries and burns.”

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Widby continued: “I saw her… this girl had her hair cut off, she is malnourished, she has broken ribs and many burns on her body in various stages of healing. These injuries are presumed to be from her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Karen was later notified that she had found the decomposing body of her youngest grandson,” before adding, “These children have endured so much pain, abandonment, and death. I desperately want to help lessen the financial burden that burial will present for the very young and necessary items for the elderly. They have a lot to heal and I want us to come together and take a load off Karen’s plate.”

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