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Brandon Cuellar, Police said they last saw the Brandon Cuellar baby wearing a white, long-sleeved jumpsuit with dinosaurs on it.

Police have launched an investigation into the abduction of a 3-month-old baby from California.

On Monday, San José Police posted on Twitter footage of a security camera showing an unidentified man breaking into a home on the 1000 block of Elm St. The man then leaves the house with a baby car seat covered with a blanket. Police said the boy, a baby boy named Brandon Cuellar, was inside the carrier.

Age of Brandon Cuellar

Brandon Cuellar is 3-month-old.

Kidnapped & Last Seen

According to authorities, the family does not know the suspect. The kidnapper is pictured wearing dark trousers and a dark shirt, as well as a gray baseball cap and a black face mask.

Police said they last saw Brandon wearing a white long-sleeved jumpsuit with dinosaurs on it.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact authorities through a series of hotline numbers posted on Twitter.

Police and the FBI are searching for a three-month-old baby in San Jose, California, who they say was abducted while her grandmother was unloading her grocery shopping on Monday.

Grandma Brandon Cuellar, who was watching the baby, took the child into her apartment while her mother was at work and went out again for a short time.

San José Police said FBI officials were going door-to-door asking for clues. Currently, the investigation continues.

“We are actively working to locate baby Brandon. This remains the number one priority today,” San José Police said on Twitter.

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At a press conference following Brandon’s disappearance, San Jose police spokesman Sgt. Christian Camarillo told reporters at the scene that the kidnapping took place while Brandon’s grandmother was evacuating grocery stores, NBC News reported.

Camarillo said she left the baby at home for about two minutes to get groceries from her grandmother’s car.

The San Jose Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for further comment.


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