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Brian Walshe was arrested and charged with misleading police in the search for his missing wife, Ana Walshe, 39, who is the mother of their three children. Ana was last seen at her house on New Year’s Day at 4 am and she was supposed to be catching a flight from Boston to DC for a work emergency.

According to the Daily Mail, Brian is currently the suspect in the case and initially claimed that he was asleep when his wife booked a carpool from his Cohasset home to Logan International Airport in Boston. Police also claimed that the 46-year-old man was cooperating well with the investigation. In the meantime, he will be arraigned in court on Monday, January 10 at the Quincy District Court.


Brian Walshe is 46 years old.

Missing Ana Walshe’s Husband Arrested

An official statement issued by Michael Morrissey, Norfolk District Attorney, stated: “Cohasset and the Massachusetts State Police have in custody Maken Brian Walshe, 46, of Cohasset, Massachusetts, on charges of misleading a police investigation. Cohasset and Massachusetts State Police continue to investigate the disappearance of Ana Walshe, 39, of Cohasset. During the course of that investigation, police developed probable cause to believe that her husband, Brian Walshe, had committed the crime of cheating on police investigators. Mr. Walshe is expected to be arraigned in the morning session of the Quincy District Court tomorrow, January 9, 2023. Additional facts may or may not be entered into the docket at that time, but no further information is expected to be released at this time. As with all criminal matters, each defendant enjoys the Constitutional Presumption of Innocence until p proves your guilt.”

Ana, of Serbian descent, was reported missing in Massachusetts on Wednesday, January 5, by her husband and her employer, Tishman Speyer. She graduated from Cornell University and has worked in the real estate industry after earning a degree from the University of Belgrade. Tishman Speyer also stated in a recent official statement: “We are actively assisting local authorities in the continued search for our dear colleague, Ana, and we are praying for her safe return.” Brian also has a criminal record. He is currently awaiting sentencing for fraud involving the sale of two fake Andy Warhol ‘Shadow Paintings’ to a South Korean buyer for $80,000.

Meanwhile, according to Fox News, one of her friends, Evan Turell, said: “She’s a powerful executive, she’s a loving mother, she’s just a loving wife, she’s one of the most remarkable people we know, and we have so much fear”. We miss her so much and we are just praying that she is safe. Everyone who knows and loves Ana, just wants her to come home safely. Her husband and her children were someone she talked to every day and the fact that she hasn’t been in contact with them is concerning it’s not like her not to be in contact with anyone. It’s very scary.” However, on Sunday, January 8, Brian was seen driving into Boston in a red Volkswagen away from his Cohasset home.

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The internet was quick to react to Brian Walshe’s arrest. One user said: “No one is surprised. It’s always the same story.” Another added: “Sadly these details are no longer a surprise.” “What a surprise. Not the shady husband,” read one tweet. One comment read: “And they always think they’re smart enough to get away with it. I swear, do any of these people not watch Dateline?” “Where are those poor kids?” wrote another. One user stated: “So sad, why do people think they can kill her spouse and get away with it? And now the children will have no father in their lives.”

Another wondered: “I wonder if that’s why they took his kids away from him today.” “Surprise of the century,” wrote one user. One user doubted: “My problem is how do we know that she was seen on New Year’s beside him? Unfortunately, I don’t take her mother’s word for fact, she said that she saw her leave at 4 a.m. and that can’t be done either taste”. .”

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