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Brittaney Gregory, A parent has now spoken out after a six-year-old student shot a first-grade teacher at Richneck Elementary School on January 6. Brittaney Gregory, whose son also attends the same school, was in class when the unfortunate incident occurred. She reportedly said the victim, Abigail “Abby” Zwerner, was about to take the girl’s gun when she shot him.

The 25-year-old is said to be in critical but stable condition at a hospital after the episode. It was reported that Zwerner had just completed her session with the students when the boy shot him. Gregory told The Washington Post, “she was going to confiscate it, and that’s when she fired the shot,” also noting that the teacher was a favorite of her students.


Brittaney Gregory‘s age is unknown.

Parent Claims Teacher Abigail Zwerner Tried to Grab Student’s Gun

The mother reportedly shared: “She is such a sweet lady. She is very attentive to children ”. She also said that Zwerner used to give sweet notes to her students. In addition, Gregory’s son had also received some notes saying, “I hope you had a great day” and “I want you to know that your smile is contagious.”

In addition, Gregory mentioned that the shooting affected his son mentally. She told the publication: “He normally sleeps in his own room, but the night of the shooting he walked into my room. He was talking in his sleep, saying we have to get out of here,” before commenting on the student than Zwerner. She added: “It’s very devastating. It’s sad that such a young child has so much anger.”

Another father, Sebastián González-Hernández, had previously said that even after being injured, the victim was worried about the children. He reportedly said: “She yelled at her children to run away. Even after she was shot, she was thinking about the safety of her children.” González-Hernández also added: “My son did not see what happened, he heard the shot and turned around to see Miss Zwerner on the floor. She is an amazing teacher, and very dedicated. My son absolutely loves her, and we are devastated by what happened. We are all thinking of her and hope she gets better soon.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Block, an associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Law and former director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, said the chances of the child shooter facing legal action are very low. He reportedly said: “In practice, it would be almost impossible to prosecute a 6-year-old, no matter how serious. The biggest barrier, assuming the prosecution can overcome that, is that all defendants must be competent to stand trial.”

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“That means you must understand the nature of the legal proceedings against him and assist in his own defense. There is no way a 6-year-old would meet that criterion,” he added. Block also noted that “the juvenile justice system wouldn’t be equipped to handle such a young child,” before adding, “there’s a lot more we don’t know than we do. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the teacher or the teacher’s family; It’s horrible in every direction.”

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