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Bruce McArthur worked as a mall Santa Claus, but he was also a terrible serial killer who hid his victims’ trophies, and now his story is the subject of a six-part BBC documentary.

A man who worked as Santa Claus in a shopping mall murdered eight men and hid their dismembered bodies inside flower pots which he then rearranged from time to time. Bruce McArthur preyed on men in Canada’s gay town and got away with a series of horrific crimes over seven years.

McArthur, who is the worst serial killer in Canadian history, photographed his victims before and after they were killed and kept a photo album as a grim trophy. When police finally caught up with McArthur, they found potential victim number nine in his bed, with his pre-murder photo already taken.


Bruce McArthur is 70 years old.

Serial Killer Gardener Left Seven Dead Bodies in My Plant Pots

Now a woman who unknowingly helped McArthur dispose of his victims after he buried the bodies of seven men in her back garden has spoken out in horror.

All but one of McArthur’s victims were found buried in pots on the property of Karen Fraser and her husband Ron Smith.

Speaking to the Mirror, she shared her despair and horror at the grisly discoveries made at her home, after the couple agreed that McArthur could store tools for his landscaping business in exchange for her mowing the lawn.

For seven years, the men had been missing in Toronto, Canada, and for most of that time, few people paid attention. While some people tried to raise the alarm, it fell on deaf ears and allowed McArthur to roam free.

He was jailed in 2019 after pleading guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder when he appeared in a downtown court.

His crimes, and his impact on the community in Canada, are now the subject of a six-part documentary series on BBC Three, Santa Claus: The Serial Killer, which aired last night and stars the award-winning investigative journalist BAFTA Mobeen Azhar.

Speaking to The Mirror, Mobeen, 42, said: “I didn’t know if I would be able to follow the story, but Bruce pleaded guilty at trial and that meant the evidence wasn’t scrutinized as closely as it normally would be.” court.

“For the families and myself, there were a lot of unanswered questions, so I felt compelled to go in there and cover it.”

For many years, McArthur had hidden his true sexuality from himself: although he knew he was gay, he was constantly told that he was unacceptable and when he was 23, he settled and married a woman.

They had a son and a daughter, and Bruce threw himself into the church to try to deny his attraction to men, but when he became an underwear and sock salesman, traveling gave him the opportunity to start having affairs with her. men.

When he ended his marriage, Bruce moved to Toronto where the gay community was now loud and proud and he started a new life as an openly gay man and was a regular in bars.

McArthur met couples through dating apps, boldly asking for submissive men for his dominant role plays, and some of the men became his victims.

Incident Detail

Ever since same-sex sexuality was decriminalized in Canada in 1969, Toronto’s Gay Village had become a thriving area filled with gay-oriented bars, shops, and cafes, but there were rumors of danger lurking in the neighborhood.

Many men could live out their true desires, but married men who had tried to repress their homosexuality, or those in a culture where it was forbidden, also frequented the area.

Despite the horrible rumors, many still visited the neighborhood for secret dates and the victims didn’t realize when they agreed to meet the killer, that they were going to die.

In addition to people living in hiding, the killer targeted people with addictions, immigrants, or people without a stable home, and their deaths went unnoticed or ignored by the police.

McArthur was originally arrested by detectives in January 2018 following a renewed investigation into the unsolved deaths, which have generated widespread public interest.

He had initially focused on men he thought no one would miss, either because they were outcasts or because they were still in the closet so their relatives wouldn’t know they had disappeared into the gay section of town.

Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam, 37, born in Sri Lanka, disappeared in 2010, but as he had no immediate family in Canada, it was not reported.

Skandaraj ‘Skanda’ Navaratnam, 40, also from Sri Lanka, was last seen leaving a gay bar the same year, and also in 2010, Abdulbasir Faizit, 44, from Afghanistan, was last seen leaving his job as a machinist.

In 2012, another man from Afghanistan named Majeed Kayhan, 58, was reported missing, then Married Soroush Mahmudi, 50, went missing in 2015, and homeless man Dean Lisowick, 43, is believed to have been killed in April. from 2016.

Selim Esen, a 44-year-old native of Turkey, with no fixed address, disappeared in 2017.

But then McArthur shifted focus from him to Andrew Kinsman, 49, who disappeared the day after Toronto’s Gay Pride parade on June 26, 2017.

He was a well-known activist, former bartender, and a familiar face, and friends noticed that he was gone within 24 hours, and in addition to reporting him, they put up signs.

Suddenly, the police took notice and created a task force to investigate the mysterious murders, soon zeroing in on McArthur.

The killer, who worked as a gardener and was also a Santa at the local mall, was caught when police arrested him at his home, where they found a possible ninth victim tied to the bed.

Police found a kidnapping kit at his home that included syringes, duct tape, zip ties, and gloves, local media reported.

Mobeen continued, “There were different reasons for each person he went to, some of them were sex workers who he thought wouldn’t be missed, some of them weren’t out, some of them couldn’t speak English and they had a great instability or were drug users, there was a cocktail of reasons.

“Andrew Kinsman was the eighth person he killed, I think he had developed so much confidence: he had killed seven men over seven years, then he meets and kills Kinsman.

“I think he was confident that he could continue to get away with it. Previously, the police knew him, he was not a stranger, but he was able to manipulate the men he attacked and, in many cases, killed, but he was also able to manipulate the police and the courts.

“McArthur, on his laptop, which was seized by the police, they found folders numbered one through nine, and in each of those folders, the first eight, there were photos of the men he had killed before and after.

“In the photos where he had murdered them he put them in a fur coat with duct tape over their eyes and a cigarette in their mouths and folder number nine was marked ‘John’ and when they raided his house John was in his bed. He was alive in his bed, if the police had come ten minutes later, John would be dead.

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“He wasn’t going to come, he was in bed when they raided his house.”

McArthur, who advertised his services as a dominant gay man, first came to the attention of the police in 2002, when he was arrested for assaulting a gay prostitute.

After the disappearance of Andrew Kinsman, 49, and Selim Esen, 44, in the summer of 2017, police began investigating McArthur as a suspect in early 2018 and placed him under 24-hour police surveillance on 17 March. January.

Just one day after the surveillance began, McArthur was seen entering his upstairs apartment with another man.

He was arrested before police began a search of Leaside’s property, where remains were found almost daily.

A two-week search on a property

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