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Caleb Livingston was diagnosed with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome, a condition that left him unable to walk, talk or care for himself.

Caleb and Wright had been friends at one time. Caleb even had his first sleepover at the Wright house, his mother said. In May 2019, 16-year-old Caleb Livingston was at a Full Stop gas station in Minneapolis when Wright allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. “This hurts like hell,” said Caleb’s mother, Jennifer LeMay. “This didn’t just affect Caleb, it has affected my entire family.”

Seven months after Caleb was attacked, Wright was charged with aggravated robbery after a young woman accused him of looting her at gunpoint and suffocating her to satisfy her demands. Wright and a friend allegedly attended a party at the home of two women and then slept on the floor. The next morning, the victim’s roommate handed her $820 cash for rent. After she left, Wright allegedly locked the victim in her apartment and held a gun to her face. “Give me the damn money,” she told him, according to the criminal complaint. “I know you have it.” She then “strangled her while she was trying to get the money out from under her bra,” she told police. She began screaming, after which Wright allegedly attempted to strangle her again, eventually leaving empty-handed. Three weeks before Wright was killed, he and an accomplice allegedly shot his former classmate Joshua Hodges in the leg and stole his car.

In December of last year, former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter, who shot Wright to death during a traffic stop, was found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter. Wright, 20, a biracial man who identified as black, was shot to death by Potter on April 11, 2021. The incident occurred during an attempted arrest for an outstanding warrant in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Police later said that Potter intended to taser him, but accidentally used his gun and shot Wright in the chest. Potter was arrested on April 14, charged with second-degree manslaughter, and booked into the Hennepin County Jail. She was later released on a $100,000 bond. At the time, the shooting sparked widespread protests throughout the Brooklyn Center.


Caleb LivingstonĀ died at the age of 19 years old.

Cause of Death

Daunte Wright’s victim, Caleb Livingston, 19, died on Sunday, October 23, three years after he was shot in the head at a gas station. Caleb became paralyzed and permanently disabled at the age of 16. He was diagnosed with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome, a condition that left him unable to walk, talk or care for himself.

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“It is clear that Caleb’s tragic death was caused by Daunte Wright’s criminal conduct,” Mike Padden, the attorney handling a civil lawsuit on behalf of Caleb’s family, told Fox News Digital. “As such, in the near future, we will amend our complaint to note that the case is a matter of wrongful death rather than personal injury.” Wright, 20, who was killed by downtown Brooklyn police officer Kim Potter, allegedly shot Caleb in the head, leaving him in a “vegetative state.”

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