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Can Arslan, After Can Arslan killed the father of three, Matthew Boorman, in his front yard, he attacked the victim’s wife in the leg and stabbed another neighbor eight times.

The murderer, who stabbed his neighbor in 27 places and played the leading role in his own horror movie, was given a life sentence of at least 38 years.

Age of Can Arslan

Can Arslan is 52-years-old?

Can Arslan Murdered Dad

Can Arslan kill the father of three, Matthew Boorman, by attacking him in his front yard in Walton Cardiff, Gloucestershire, on 5 October last year?

The trial also stabbed Mr. Boorman’s wife, Sarah, in the leg as she tried to intervene before another neighbor forced her into Peter Marsden’s home and stabbed him eight times.

Arslan, 52, denied the accusation, instead claiming that he should have been convicted of manslaughter due to reduced liability.

Ms. Judge Johannah Cutts, who imprisoned Arslan today, told her that “the peace and life of the entire community are shattered when your anger, resentment, and anger turns into a planned frenzy of violence.”

He said he had made their life “absolute misery” for years, adding: “You talked about a massacre and you caused a very real fear.”
He said the impact on children was “deeply traumatic beyond anything young children have to witness.”

And she said to him, “You showed no guilt or remorse over Mr. Boorman’s death. You continued to make threats from the prison. You are a very dangerous man, no doubt.

He also said he “caused terror in society”.

He added: “Many residents cannot forget that terrible day.

The murder was the culmination of Arslan’s threats to Mr. Boorman and other neighbors in Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, which began with an argument over parking for 12 years.

Many had installed expensive security systems in response to Arslan’s aggression, and the murder was screened in detail.

Prosecutor Kate Brunner QC told jurors during her trial at Bristol Crown Court that Arslan had “planned and controlled” the stabbings and hoped to “show them on television”.

He quoted the words of one of Mr. Boorman’s colleagues, who telephoned him when Arslan attacked.

He told the court: “He said it was like listening to a ‘totally scary horror movie’ and that it was a horror movie that had just started, and that this defendant had written the script.

“It wasn’t something that happened to him – it was something he planned and controlled. It was a horror movie that was planned to stab its victims to death one by one.

Mr. Godfrey continued: “After Mr. Boorman died, he continued to stab him 27 times, then lit a cigarette and sat on Mr. Boorman. Does that seem like normal behavior?

“Calm, robotic, emotionless in most of it.”

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Mr. Godfrey also referred to witnesses who described Arslan as a “psycho” with “beaded” eyes.

He also added that a forensic psychiatrist found that the personality disorder “affects the ability to form a rational judgment” and is “so bad that it produces an abnormality in mental function.”

Arslan admitted to the charge of fighting and that he had committed grievous bodily harm to Ms. Boorman by attempting to kill Mr. Marsden.

He was found guilty by a murder jury.


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