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Carl Phanor, The 43-year-old woman claimed Carl Phanor sexually assaulted her, took her phone and wallet, and then fled on foot.

Police say a 43-year-old woman reported being raped as she jogged down Manhattan’s West Side Freeway on Thursday morning, Nov. 2. According to the New York Police Department, the woman claimed that at 5:30 a.m. m., a man grabbed her from behind her. He strangled her and threw her to the ground while she was jogging near Pier 45. According to authorities, she claimed he sexually assaulted her, took her phone and wallet, and then fled on foot.

According to the New York Post, police-reported Carl Phanor’s arrest in connection with the runner’s rape. Phanor is accused of two similar assaults in the last 9 months. Prosecutors and sources said her latest victim is a tourist who was suffocated with such force that several bones in her neck were broken.


Carl Phanor is 29 years old.

Charged & Arrested

“Yesterday’s victim currently remains in ICU receiving treatment for multiple bone fractures and was suffocated to the point of losing consciousness,” Manhattan Deputy District Attorney Lauren Breen told the judge during a hearing.

Phanor is also accused of raping another woman on March 27 in a nearly identical setting. Police added that Phanor has also been charged in connection with a third incident in which a woman was attacked on the East Side of Manhattan. He is charged with predatory sexual assault, criminal sexual acts, strangulation, grand theft, robbery, and sexual assault with a sexual motive. Law enforcement sources said the suspect was caught after using the victim’s credit card at a Midtown Manhattan Target store.

According to the prosecution, Phanor was wearing the same clothes as him when he committed the rape and was carrying the victim’s wallet and other personal items when he was arrested. Prosecutors further claimed that on March 27 at 6 am, Phanor carried out the first known attack on him in New York. A 39-year-old woman was allegedly thrown to the ground, suffocated, and restrained by Phanor, who was riding a bicycle, as she yelled at him to perform a certain sexual act on him before orally raping her. She was on the running route near Pier 46 at the time.

In a last-ditch effort to catch him, the police released Phanor’s identity and photograph to the public. However, on October 6, still, at large, Phanor allegedly carried out another robbery on FDR’s service road near East 37th Street. A woman was walking down the street when Phanor came up behind her, strangled her, and ripped open her jeans, according to prosecutors. When the woman screamed for help, Phanor fled, but not before stealing her credit card and cell phone, which he allegedly used at a neighboring cigar store approximately 30 minutes later.

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“In each case, the defendant targeted women in areas that, very early in the morning, are desolate, with minimal surveillance,” Breen said during the hearing. “The defendant demonstrated a clear predatory pattern. He chose unpopulated areas, targeted women walking or jogging home, attacked each one from behind, strangled them, and sexually assaulted each of the three victims.”

The defendant was ordered held without bail.


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