Cathleen DeGarmo Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, NYC Teacher Sues DoE After Repeated Attacks

Cathleen DeGarmo Wiki – Cathleen DeGarmo Bio

Cathleen DeGarmo A second grader allegedly attacked, a teacher, in a Queen’s classroom multiple times. DeGarmo reportedly filed a $2 million lawsuit against the city’s Department of Education (DoE), alleging that the organization failed to defend her from a violent student at a Fresh Meadows P4 elementary-secondary school at least three times in 2021.

DeGarmo allegedly sustained “serious” injuries, including tears to both shoulders, while working as a teacher once in September 2021 and twice in November 2021. During one of the instances, the student began headbutting and scratching DeGarmo. on the shoulders and chest, according to court documents. In another incident, the student continually hit the teacher. DeGarmo, 58, who is a special education instructor, said the DOE failed to inform her of the student’s history of violent and disruptive behavior. She goes on to accuse the school of failing to monitor the anonymous student or removing him from the special education program in the wake of the incidents. The school is also charged with negligence in the case for failing to provide teacher assistants or aides who could help keep the classroom safe.


Cathleen DeGarmo is 58 years old.

NYC Teacher Sues DoE After Repeated Attacks

The NYPD said that at least 52 school security officers have been injured by students so far in 2022, and more than half of them have been sent to the hospital, the New York Post reports. According to the NYPD, 58 school security officers were injured by student misbehavior in 2021, and 42 of them were taken to the hospital.

MEAWW previously reported on controversial PS 333 Manhattan School for Children principal Claire Lowenstein, who reportedly resigned a year after receiving the second vote of no confidence from her. In a “year-long campaign of discriminatory hiring practices,” the principal was accused of hiring only white people for the school and not enough teachers of color.

Lowenstein is reportedly leaving the services voluntarily, according to Craig DiFolco, a spokesman for the Board of Supervisors and School Administrators. However, her departure time has not yet been made official. The choice followed a protest against it by faculty, staff, and parents on campus.

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NPR reported that more than two-thirds (69 percent) of principals surveyed said they experienced “substantial political conflict” with parents or community members in 2021 over various contentious issues, including teaching about racial and ethnic issues, policies and practices of LGBTQ+ student rights, social-emotional learning, and student access to school library books.

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