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Cooper Roberts Wiki РCooper Roberts  Biography

Cooper Roberts severed his spinal cord during the July 4 attack in the Chicago suburb that killed seven and injured 40.

His mother and twin brother were also injured when he opened fire on a crowd on a nearby rooftop with an assault rifle during the Independence Day parade.

On Friday, Cooper regained consciousness and removed his ventilator, but is still in a lot of pain.

Age of Cooper Roberts

Cooper Roberts is 8 years old.

Wakes from Coma after Highland Park Shooting

Doctors do not believe he has suffered any brain damage, but it is unlikely that he will ever walk again.

“It will be a new normal for him to move forward,” family spokesman Anthony Loizzi told CBS News.

‘He seems to have significant problems, especially with walking.’

He said the family ‘focused their energies on Cooper’ and added: ‘He fights as hard as he can.’

Now that Cooper has woken up, he wants to see his dog George and his twin brother Luke, who has been hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.

Luke was discharged after doctors removed some of the debris, but they were unable to remove all of it.

The children’s mother, Keely Roberts, was shot in the legs and feet, while their father, Jason, was unharmed.

Keely underwent two surgeries for his injuries and was discharged earlier than doctors recommended because he wanted to be with Cooper at the children’s hospital.

Friends of the family have created a GoFundMe page for medical bills and it has raised over $1.1m (£914,000) so far.

Cooper has been described as a ‘very active’ kid with a passion for baseball and is a huge fan of the Milwaukee Brewers.

During Friday’s game, the team hung a jersey on his bunker with the name Roberts on the back as a tribute.

The shooting suspect, Robert Crime III, was arrested on July 4 after a short police chase and charged with seven counts of first-degree murder.

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Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said he hopes “dozens” more charges would follow, putting him in jail for life.

Investigators say Crime from neighboring Highwood has legally purchased five guns and has been planning the attack for weeks.

Authorities said he climbed onto the roof of a business along the parade route and opened fire.

They say he escaped the parade by mingling with the fleeing crowd, then traveled to the Madison, Wisconsin area, planning a second attack.

He returned to the Highland Park area and his car was spotted by the police.

Questions remain as to whether Crimea should legally be required to purchase firearms in Illinois.

Illinois State Police officials defended the approval of the gun license in December 2019, months after police received reports of suicide and violent threats.


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