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Daniel Golden is an Officer, an Army veteran from a family of police and firefighters, who was shot at least 19 times as he walked away from the fight he helped end early Saturday.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, prosecutors said at a hearing Tuesday that the off-duty police were not involved in the initial fight and even helped protect the man accused of later picking up a gun and shooting him.

Age of Danny Golden

Danny Golden’s age is unknown.

Family & Siblings

“His four brothers have served in the United States Army Infantry from Afghanistan to Africa, Alaska, and Eastern Europe. His youngest brother joined the US Army and is preparing to leave this summer. All three of his siblings are protecting this city as Chicago Firefighters.”

Police confirmed Tuesday that three people had been arrested, including 22-year-old hitman Bryant Hayes, who is facing a range of charges including attempted murder.

It is also alleged that Justen Krismantis, 22, gave the gun to Hayes and faces the same charges. Demetrius Harrell, 28, is accused of taking the gun from Hayes and firing it at Golden and others down the street.

All three were denied bail.

Chicago has seen increased gun crimes with regular targets by cops – sparking protests against the awakened Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whom many accuse of crippling the force with reforms.

In August last year, 29-year-old Ella French was shot dead and her partner Carlos Yanez Jr. was paralyzed during a traffic stop.

At the time, Chicago police officers turned their backs on Lightfoot when he visited Yanez Jr. – making it clear that he never wanted the progressive reformer to visit him in the hospital.

His father, ex-cop Carlos Yanez Sr., has told the Chicago Sun-Times twice to the mayor’s office workers that his son is “not, to put it mildly, a fan of Lori Lightfoot” and his family doesn’t want him. The hospital where he was taken the night he was shot.

“I said it was the actions of his administration and the rhetoric to say how the police needed to be renewed or retrained or whatever put them in danger,” his father said at the time.

Since then, numerous other officials and young children have been battered in the crime-ridden city.

This month, Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell, whose 18-year-old brother was shot dead in the city last month, blamed the mass shooting at a July 4th parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park that “soft on crime” policies had disappeared. opposite.

The mantra of “defend the police” has become like a disease spreading from the city centers to the suburbs,” Caldwell told The Post.

Criminals are “not afraid” of the police because the officers are “incapable of doing their jobs,” he said.

Golden’s Fiancee

Golden’s fiancee, Casey Szaflarski, told CBS Chicago that her boyfriend had “saved lives” with actions that paralyzed him – less than a year after one of his colleagues was shot dead and another paralyzed.

“Who knows what would have happened without him,” she said.

“It’s too bad this has happened to someone this good…but he’s still here and that’s what matters,” he said of his fiancee, who turned 32, while she was in the hospital bed.

The fundraising event called it a “perfect example of what service is like.”

Prior to joining the Force’s Gang Unit, he was “the son of a [Chicago Police Department] Detective and an emergency room nurse, the second of seven children, and served with honor in the United States Army”.

Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shot

An off-duty cop was permanently paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot “from a dead spot in the back” while helping to break up a bar fight in crime-ridden Chicago, according to prosecutors and his family.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, prosecutors said at Tuesday’s hearing that the off-duty police were not involved in the initial fight and even helped protect the man accused of later picking up a gun and shooting him.

“This devastating, life-changing event changed the course of her life forever,” wrote Golden’s aunt, Eileen Gorman, in an online fundraiser that raised more than $775,000 in less than a day.

He said he was “with friends and family” when he “does what all good cops would do and tried to break up a fight”.

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“The case came to an end when one of the criminals ran to his car, pulled out his gun, and fired 20 rounds at the group as the group drove away,” she wrote.

One of the bullets grazed the leg of one of the policemen’s brothers. “Unfortunately, another bullet hit Dan’s back and severed Dan’s spinal cord, losing his heart millimeters and causing him to be permanently paralyzed from the waist down,” she wrote.

Assistant State Attorney General James Murphy told the court hearing that one of the bullets hit the “rear dead spot” near Golden’s heart. The Sun-Times said doctors have decided not to remove it for now.


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