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Desire Hughes, an Ohio father, and his family are mourning the death of their 7-month-old daughter, who was shot and killed while driving in a car in Toledo.

Desire Hughes’ 20-year-old father, Jeremiah Hughes, was getting into a car on Wednesday night, the Toledo Police Department said, while occupants in another vehicle fired bullets into their car.

Age of Desire Hughes

Desire Hughes died at the age of 7-month-old.

Baby Shot & Killed

Desire Hughes was shot in the chest while her father was behind the wheel in Toledo.

According to the news of News 24, Arzu was shot in the chest and was later pronounced dead in the hospital.

Jeremiah was grazed by a bullet and was treated and discharged at a local hospital.

Now, the Hughes family grapples with the loss of their adorable baby baby girl.

“It hurts even to know that this baby is gone,” Carla Glover, one of Desire’s relatives, told WTOL 11 at a vigil for the baby Thursday night.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” she continued. “I have no idea knowing that babies die at the hands of guns. And not guns. The people behind the guns that killed our babies.”

Toledo police are looking for suspects.

They’re asking anyone with home security footage or seeing anything suspicious to call Crime Stoppers on 419-255-1111.

Jeremiah Hughes was grazed by a bullet and has since been discharged from the hospital.

Desire Hughes, with at least one gunshot wound, was taken to the emergency room.

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The Lucas County Coroner released the results of the autopsy Thursday, revealing the baby had been shot in the chest. According to Lucas County Coroner’s Assistant, Thomas Blomquist, the death was considered murder.

The police are helping the public to find those responsible. They ask residents to review any home security footage they may have and report anything suspicious they see before, during or after the shooting.


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