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Dimone Fleming was booked at the 46th Precinct Sunday night on two counts of murder, intent to commit murder, and murder: depraved disregard for a person under the age of 11.

The mother of two young children whose bodies were found in the bathtub of her Bronx home has been charged with stabbing murder after she shared a quote on Facebook about wanting children to know they are always safe at home.


Dimone Fleming is 22 years old.

Charged & Arrested

Their sons, 11-month-old Octavius ​​Canada and 3-year-old DeShawn Fleming were found dead Saturday night in their apartment at a homeless shelter at 246 Echo Place in Mount Hope.

Each of the children had “multiple stab wounds” to their necks and torso, Deputy Chief Louis Deceglie told reporters.

Just hours before the children were found, Fleming shared a quote on social media about parents who wanted to protect their children.

“I want my kids to always know… if the relationship doesn’t work out COME HOME! If the bills become overwhelming COME HOME! If you feel insecure, COME HOME! If something doesn’t feel right, COME HOME!” said the post, originally written by another Facebook user and shared by the mother on Saturday morning.

“I want my kids to always know they can come home… I never believed in the saying at 18, they’re grown,'” the post continues.

Fleming had been taken into custody as a person of interest before the children were found after cops responded to the apartment with a report of a woman “acting irrationally” and setting things on fire in the kitchen.

She was found naked on the third floor, police said.

However, the policemen did not realize that the murdered children were buried under a pile of clothes in the bathtub when they took her away.

A neighbor had told police that the children’s father had them, authorities said.

Police returned to the shelter around 8 p.m. after a 911 call from the frantic father, Columbus Canada, 31, who found the lifeless bodies of his children.

On Sunday, law enforcement sources told The Post that Fleming may have killed his children because he believed they were possessed.

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“She made statements about the devil, unusual statements,” a police source said.

In a previous Facebook post, the mother also chillingly wrote, “He is only one true God and I am sorry for all the bad deeds and negative influence. To leave all the things that no longer serve me… Thank you for your mercy.”

The woman was previously investigated by the Administration for Children’s Services after DeShawn’s birth, according to the sources, who said she was suspected of improperly caring for the child.

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