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Donald Gibb Wiki – Donald Gibb Biography

Donald Gibb Senior Actor was born on August 4, 1954, in New York City but grew up in California. He has an American nationality.

Standing at an astonishing 6’4” tall, Donald Gibb is widely known for his role as “Ogre” in the “Revenge of the Nerds” movie series and “Dr. Death” in “1st and Ten”.

When Gibb first appeared in movies, his height was the talk of the town, but now that he’s starred in many notable movies, his earnings are starting to attract fans as well.

Gibb had a roster with the San Diego Chargers before starting his acting career.

Even though she quit her acting career in 2011, she still has a significant influence in the entertainment industry as the weight of her roles is still fresh and heavy.

Age of Donald Gibb

Donald Gibb is 68-years-old.


Gibb attended Notre Dame High School. After graduation, Gibb went to the University of New Mexico on a basketball scholarship.

He later transferred to the University of San Diego and represented the football and basketball team.

Height & Weight

Donald Gibb’s height is 6’4”, .


Gibb began his professional camera career in the early ’80s, starring in relatively minor roles in films such as “Any What Way You Can”, “Stripes” and “Connan The Barbarian”.

In the mid-80s, Gibb made guest appearances on various television shows including “The A-Team”, “Night Court”, “MacGyver” and “Quantum Leap”.

With his muscular, voluminous, battered beard, deep, booming voice and strong screen presence, Gibb has often been chosen to play tough guys and overly aggressive macho athletes.

Gibb’s primary income comes from acting; After appearing in several movies and television shows, he has certainly amassed a good fortune.

In addition, he co-owns Trader Todd, a Chicago bar, “a bar where you can buy literally anything you see, including wall hangings, and sing karaoke at the same time.”

He’s the spokesperson for the bar and markets a beer brand called Ogre.

Married to His Wife

Gibb married Jacqueline Bauer on June 20, 1981. The couple has been together for over forty years, as there was no news of their separation.
Gibb is very private when it comes to his private life, but the couple has reportedly been blessed with an only child. However, the child’s name is not a piece of public information.

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Gibb and his wife, Jacqueline, are rarely seen in front of the cameras, but whenever they’re together, they share great chemistry; Being together for 40 years has its advantages, right?


He lives a private life with his wife and child in Chicago, Illinois, away from all the media attention.

Net Worth

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Gibb has amassed from her movies makes her a comfortable $ 4 million.


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