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Eli Hart Wiki – Eli Hart Biography

Eli Hart, the Minnesota mother who was allegedly accused of fatally shooting her 6-year-old son, visited a shooting range before the murder to learn how to use her new weapon.

PEOPLE has confirmed that 28-year-old Julissa Angelica Genrich Thaler has been charged with second-degree willful murder in connection with the death of kindergarten student Eli Hart.

Age of Eli Hart

Eli Hart died at the age of 6-years-old.

Julissa Thaler is Accused of Killing her 6-year-old Son

The allegations against Thaler surfaced on Friday by the Orono Police Department.

Citing the criminal complaint in the case, KSTP-TV, Star-Tribune and KARE 11 reported that a friend of Thaler’s spoke to the detectives and allegedly said that the young mother was interested in learning how to use a shotgun.

According to the information received, his friend told the police that Thaler bought a hunting rifle in mid-March.

According to the complaint, the duo had visited a gun range for two days to learn how to use the gun.

Police allege that Thaler hid the gun in a gray blanket every time he left the house.

A gray blanket was removed from the trunk of Thaler’s car, where Eli’s body was also found.

Thaler’s car was found in Mound, Minn, by Orono police after officers witnessed a woman “driving on the rim and through a shattered windshield”, Chief Correy Farniok told reporters.

At the moment of the stop, police noticed Thaler had blood on his hands, as well as blood and an empty shotgun case in the vehicle – but they released him after they seized the vehicle.

A later search of the vehicle revealed Eli’s body and the shotgun that authorities say killed him. Police went to Thaler’s apartment and saw him leaving the area on foot.

He was detained by the police, who allegedly noticed blood in his hair.

Police then tracked down the damage from the tireless ring of Thaler’s vehicle on the road and found human remains, a child’s car seat, which police believe was a firearm explosion, and a backpack along the way.

Police said another unidentified person – a 27-year-old man – had been arrested but would not face official charges. According to local media reports, the man was his friend who accompanied Thaler to the gun range for training.

Custody Battle for Boy

Thaler and Eli’s father were fighting for custody of him.

The boy who wanted to become a firefighter was previously in social services custody after Dakota County filed a Child in Need of Protection or Service petition on his behalf in January 2021.

According to a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for Eli’s funeral, the boy lived with extended family members for 11 months, but in December 2021 a judge allowed Eli to return to his mother’s care to stand trial at home.

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“Due to the many red flags that Eli’s mother displayed, Tory worked hard to get custody of Eli,” the fundraiser’s statement claimed. “Many parties made multiple statements to CPS fearing that my mother would harm Eli if full custody was returned. Unfortunately, full custody was returned on May 10, 2022.”

A judge has set Thaler’s bail at $2 million.

It was not immediately clear whether he had hired a lawyer or presented a defense.


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