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Elom Agbegninou Wiki – Elom Agbegninou Bio

Elom Agbegninou, The totally out-of-control Southwest Airlines passenger who bit another passenger on the leg after trying to open the plane door mid-flight claimed: “Jesus told him to do it.” On Saturday, November 26, Southwest Flight 192 was en route from Houston to Columbus when it was forced to make an emergency landing at Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock. A lawsuit filed in Arkansas district court says Elom Agbegninou, became angry when flight attendants prevented him from using the emergency exit.

When another passenger tried to stop her, Agbegninou bit her on the thigh and didn’t let go until he opened her jaw, according to Click2Houston. The victim, who was not named in the lawsuit, was treated at the hospital with antibiotics because she had been assaulted and had developed PTSD.

Speaking to Fox26, passenger Ding Yu said: “They were running to the back of the plane to help. I was thinking worst case scenario, probably that plane will crash, but I know it’s a very low probability.” According to a court record obtained by the DailyMail, Agbegninou appeared in court on Wednesday morning for a trial, however, his lawyer expressed concern that he would not be able to progress due to his mental state.


Elom Agbegninou is 34 years old.

Tried to Open Plane’s Door

The lawsuit gives a description of what happened before the plane made an emergency landing in Little Rock on the evening of November 26, during the busy Thanksgiving holiday. Agbegninou moved to the rear of the plane and began to “peek” at the escape door, which triggered the terrifying ordeal. A flight attendant then motioned for the woman to use the bathroom or sit down. Agbegninou allegedly asked both of them if she could look out the window after that, according to another attendee. At 37,000 feet, he pushed past a flight attendant and began pulling on the departure door handle after it was turned away.

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Agbegninou bit the passenger on her thigh when she attacked her and did not let go, forcing the passenger to rip her jaw off her leg. The crazed woman then began to bang her head on the floor of the plane as she yelled that “Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the door.”


The bitten victim received hepatitis vaccinations and antibiotics at a local hospital and now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Agbegninou later said that it was the first time in a long time that she had flown alone and without her husband. In court documents, she explained that she “normally would not have done these things” because she was “very anxious” during the incident. Agbeninou will likely be charged with assault and interference with an aircraft crew.

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