Elsa Cristina Flores Wiki, Biography, Age, Arts Teacher Accused of Sexually Abusing Boy

Elsa Cristina Flores Wiki – Elsa Cristina Flores Biography

Elsa Cristina Flores was arrested earlier this month and charged with having sex with a minor six times, among other charges.

A martial arts instructor in Peoria, Arizona, faced multiple sexual harassment and harassment charges after authorities said he repeatedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old student.

Age of Elsa Cristina Flores

Elsa Cristina Flores is 22-years-old.

Arts Teacher Accused of Sexually Abusing Boy

PEOPLE has confirmed that 22-year-old Elsa Cristina Flores was arrested earlier this month and charged with six counts of sexual intercourse with a minor, molesting a child and aggravated seduction of a minor.

Police first learned of the case after the teen’s parents allegedly discovered romantic and sexual messages on his phone, according to arrest documents obtained by CBS News affiliate AZfamily.com.

Police allege Flores texted the boy multiple times and said “baby” to each other. According to the arrest records, the teenager locked his phone and did not give the password to his parents, so the parents confronted Flores.

The arrest records allege that Flores spoke to the boy’s family in person and said he was “embarrassed” and would never contact the boy again. Learning about the allegations, the martial arts studio contacted the police.

Police allege that the sexual abuse began in January and that Flores sent obscene photos to the boy. Authorities allege that the harassment took place in Flores’ car in a park, and in a message he said Flores should take a “morning after pill.”

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“You put them in activities and sports as a safe place,” her mother said to the exit, “and that’s alarming when you’re in a place where you think you’re sending them. It’s very worrying.”


Flores went to jail on $50,000 bail. She has yet to make a plea and it is unclear whether she has hired an attorney authorized to speak on her behalf.


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