Ethan Kyle Myers Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Arrested For Killing and Dismembering Woman

Ethan Kyle Myers Wiki – Ethan Kyle Myers Bio

Ethan Kyle Myers is a ‘satanic’ Texas man who has been arrested and charged with the murder of a 36-year-old woman whose fingers, toes, and ears were found in a clear freezer bag between her legs, an affidavit details. Ethan Kyle Myers was first arrested on Sunday, November 13, in connection with the barbaric death of 36-year-old Sarah Hopson of Joaquin.

He was initially booked on a charge of resisting arrest in Hopson’s death, but the charge was later upgraded to felony 1 murder. In addition to Myers, two other people identified as Allen Price and Teresa Louviere were also arrested. They have been charged with tampering with and/or fabricating evidence with the intent to harm a human corpse, jail records show. Authorities have not yet released further details about the victim’s death.


Ethan Kyle Myers is 26 years old.

Charged & Arrested

The deputies with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office were made aware of the brutal murder when they responded to a request for a welfare check at a home located in the 3600 block of Country Road in Joaquin. According to an arrest affidavit obtained by CBS 19, Price and Teresa told police that they thought “Ethan Myers had done something to Sarah Hopson.” They added Myers had been acting suspiciously and had blood on him when he ran away from their place. Price reportedly said Myers had been involved in “cult activities.”

Upon their arrival at the residence, the officers located Hopson’s body inside her bedroom with her fingers, toes, and ears cut off from her body. The missing body parts were reportedly found inside a clear freezer bag that had been placed between her legs. The officials also noticed a large impact wound on the right side of her head. Investigators said the wall of her bedroom seemed freshly painted and they encountered the strong smell of fresh paint as soon they entered the house. They also found a razor knife, several wrenches on a chest of drawers, paint brushes and paint cans, and a bag with paint and cleaning supplies.

Investigators sprayed the middle bedroom with forensic fluid that glows when it comes into contact with blood and there was, according to the affidavit, evidence of handprints and wiping marks on the walls. They then again investigated the house and found used towels, wash rags, empty cleaning product containers, and a pair of jeans with Myers’ Texas ID card in the pocket.

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Later, that day, deputies interrogated Myer’s mother, who told them that Myers has been hiding in the woods to avoid returning to prison. She also revealed that her son “hears voices and is satanic,” She said she doesn’t know Hopson but Myers told her that she had asked him to “sacrifice her.”

The investigators soon arrested Myers from the woods and seized his vehicle as evidence. While examining the vehicle, the officials reportedly found a shovel, several plastic bags, a gallon of gasoline, a hammer, and a large rock stuffed in a trash bag that had the smell of gasoline.

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