Eva Jones Wiki, Biography, Age, Face ‘Doubles in Size, Spending an Hour in the Sun

Eva Jones Wiki – Eva Jones Biography

Eva Jones is a tik toker and she shared a video on TikTok that her face blazed enough to double its normal size after sitting in the sun for one hour.

Eva Jones shared a video on TikTok showing her face burning in the current heat wave.

Age of Eva Jones

Eva Jones’s age is unknown.

Face Doubles in Size after Spending an Hour in the Sun

The video, which has since gone viral with over 700,000 views, shows how her face transitioned from a pale color to a deep shade of red.

In the video, he said: “A tan for an hour doesn’t do much.”

When the clip showed how red his face was, he said, “Guys I’m laughing but it’s actually not funny.”

He added a second snap to his followers: “An update girls, my face is swollen.”

She later revealed that she suffered from heat stroke.

Heat stroke is a condition caused by your body overheating, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Synonymous with overcoming the body’s cooling mechanisms with heat, this results in a high core temperature, usually above 4°C in adults and above 40.5°C in children.

Symptoms of heatstroke are mainly increased body core temperature and mental status changes.

Symptoms of heatstroke that should not be ignored include elevated body temperature, altered mental state or behavior, changes in sweating, nausea and vomiting, flushing of the skin, rapid breathing, and rapid heartbeat.

According to the NHS, if a person is tired from the heat, you should take them to a cool place, make them lie down and lift their feet slightly, drink plenty of water and try to cool their skin.

The National Health Organization also recommended that they stay with them until they recover.

“Within 30 minutes they should start to cool down and feel better.”

Viral Video

Eva’s post has since gone viral and has been viewed 3.2 million times, showing her face transitioning from a pale color to a bright red.

In another video, he explained that the mishap occurred not during the last heat wave in the UK, but in 20C weather last week.

Eva explained that she went to the beach for an hour and didn’t use enough sunscreen. She said it was a breeze, so she didn’t think it would burn badly.

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“I don’t go out in weather like this and don’t put on sunscreen when it’s kind of stupid,” she said in the second clip.

“I should have put on enough sunscreen when I went last week, it was my fault.

“But I’m not as stupid as people think.”

Users warned Eva that the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can damage skin even on a cloudy day or with a cool breeze.

One person said, “The same thing happened to me and it was cloudy… you have to watch out for the UV ray scale!” Wrote.


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