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Frank Atwood was a pleading innocent Killer, and his lawyers pleaded with him several times to have the execution stopped – but he was executed in Florence, Arizona 40 years after the murder.

A disabled death row inmate who killed an 8-year-old girl was executed by injection.

The Arizona prisoner convicted of murdering the girl in 1984 was hanged by the United States in the second execution in nearly eight years in the state.

Age of Frank Atwood

Frank Atwood has died at the age of 66 years old,

Disabled Death Row inmate who Killed Girl

The 66-year-old in a wheelchair died from lethal injection for killing Vicki Hoskinson at 10:16 am (18:16 BST) at the state prison in Florence, 61 miles southeast of Phoenix.

Hoskinson’s body was found in the desert in 1985, months after he had left his home in Tucson, Arizona’s second-largest city, by bike to leave his birthday card for his aunt in a nearby mailbox.

Friends and neighbors of the Hoskinson family showed their support outside the prison to remember Vicki Lynne.

“I feel like it would be part of my childhood shutdown,” Stacy Davis, Vicki Lynne’s childhood friend, told AZ Central.

Denied his Bid to Delay his Execution

Atwood became the second Arizona inmate to be executed in less than a month after Clarence Dixon’s execution last month ended his southwestern state’s eight-year vacation after a failed procedure in 2014.

Atwood defended his innocence and his lawyers made several unsuccessful requests to have the execution stay, and US District Judge Michael Liburdi decided to continue the execution.

This is despite the convict saying that state capital punishment procedures would violate his constitutional right to cruel and unusual punishment by subjecting him to unimaginable suffering.

Atwood, who has a degenerative spinal condition that confined him to a wheelchair, would suffer excruciating pain if he was tied to a stretcher while lying on his back during the lethal injection execution, his lawyers said.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit said Attwood could use a cushion and tilt feature on the stretcher to “minimize the suffering experienced by the Plaintiff while lying on his back.”

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The Constitution said it “doesn’t require a painless execution” and that Atwood’s position would be similar to what he typically accepted to limit pain in his cell.

While his lawyers claimed he was innocent of killing the little girl, he asked the Arizona Supreme Court to delay his execution.

Protesters and counter-protesters lined up on Wednesday outside the Florence prison along a barricade set up by police at the intersection of Butte and Pinal Parkway avenues, AZ Central reported.


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