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Gabriel Mitey, Despite being the target of 5 different investigations, Mitey continues to teach algebra and earth science courses at the Professional School for the Performing Arts in Midtown.

A high school teacher who was fired from a high school in New York City for behaving inappropriately with students and posting a nearly nude selfie on Snapchat is back in the classroom at another prestigious Manhattan school with the last name. different, apparently with the approval of the city’s Department of Education (DOE), the New York Post reported. In 2021, Gabriel Mitey, a certified special education teacher, was working at the Lower Manhattan Academy of the Arts (LOMA), where several children reported his strange behavior to other staff members.


Gabriel Mitey is 28 years old.

High School Teacher Back in Classroom Under New Name

Mitey has changed his name to Gabriel Torres following reports of inappropriate behavior with students. Despite being the target of five different polls, the teacher continues to teach algebra and earth science courses at the prestigious Professional School for the Performing Arts (PPAS) 6-12 in Midtown. He is referred to as “Mr. Torres” in a photo posted on the cafeteria bulletin board.

Experts say the teacher was originally identified as Mitey by a PPAS mother who had another child enrolled at LOMA in 2021. The students quickly spread the word and informed their parents of the allegations against Mitey, according to the New York Post. The parents said that when questioned, a guidance counselor and principal at the school, Kevin Ryan, admitted that “Torres” is Mitey. This fall, Ryan informed parents that the school needed a special education teacher, and the DOE sent “Torres,” who Ryan said, “came highly recommended.”

Ryan emphasized that the DOE had not revealed to him that Torres was actually Mitey or about the teacher’s difficult past until he made a formal request to his superiors. One parent who found out about the ruse commented, “He feels like he was misled by the DOE.” The father told the New York Post anonymously: “I believe in second chances, but not when it comes to children. I don’t want to risk my daughter in that kind of situation.”

Parents and students have been informed that Mitey has not been charged with misconduct. In 2020 and 2021, Mitey was the subject of five investigations, according to the Municipal Schools Special Investigation Commissioner.
SCI closed three cases and two were submitted to the DOE, according to a spokesperson.

Mitey’s mother works for the city’s Health Department, while Mitey’s father is a retired teacher from the city.

Principal Derek Premo, who is still the subject of a sexual harassment complaint, decided to keep Mitey at LOMA in 2021 rather than remove him from the school pending an investigation, as is customary in cases of alleged sexual misconduct. Premo resigned in March 2021. In August 2021, the DOE finally removed Mitey from the school due to “extremely disturbing allegations”, following investigations.

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In one case, a student reported that Mitey harassed him while teaching remotely and then invited the teen to his residence “for coffee” after graduation. “Basically he asked me out on a date. I felt very uncomfortable going to his Zoom classes,” the student said.

In another case, student Jolissa Jones said Mitey obtained her mother’s consent to videotape her for a master’s course before Jolissa acted as if she had trouble reading the tape. Jolissa claimed that Mitey sent her flirty text messages after graduating, telling her to delete her conversations. “Chat has to go,” she wrote.

According to the New York Post report, in addition, Mitey shared a photo of himself in a bathroom with a towel barely covering his groin on Snapchat, which was seen by multiple students following him online, according to Jolissa. After being expelled by the DOE for several months, Mitey was returned to LOMA, but students protested by putting up papers saying “Mitey Must Go!” During a musical assembly, a teenager ran up on stage and yelled, “We don’t want perverted teachers,” a LOMA parent reportedly said.

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