Geraldine Chapman Talley Wiki, Biography, Age, Buffalo Woman, Went to Tops Supermarket and Saw Police Cars

Geraldine Chapman Talley Wiki – Geraldine Chapman Talley Biography

Geraldine Chapman Talley was an expert baker known for her warm and kind personality. On a seemingly normal Saturday afternoon, Buffalo resident Tamika Harper spotted a police car with flashing lights behind her on her way to Tops Family Markets on Jefferson Avenue. She initially thought she’d stepped aside, but she was relieved when the officer passed her.

Age of Geraldine Chapman Talley

Geraldine Chapman Talley is 62-years-old.

Buffalo Lady Went to Tops Supermarket and Saw Police Cars

But when Harper approached the store, he saw a lot of police cars and ambulances. She would soon learn that there had been a mass shooting and that her 62-year-old aunt Geraldine Chapman Talley was inside the store with her now-unfound fiancee.

The gruesome truth would soon emerge: Talley was one of 10 people allegedly killed on Buffalo’s East End by a white supremacist targeting Black people. “Our lives will never be the same,” Harper tells PEOPLE, speaking on behalf of both herself and the families of the nine other victims.

Harper, 44, and her cousin, Kesha Chapman, 46, tell PEOPLE that their aunt was a devoted mother and grandmother whose devoted mother and kind demeanor helped tie their families together.

“He wanted everything to be easy, just full of love, music, and peace,” says Chapman, who boarded a plane to Buffalo when he heard the news about a woman who lived in Atlanta but whom he considered a second mother.

“I feel numb. I feel sick. I feel miserable. I feel angry. I feel revengeful,” Chapman says. “I can’t believe it and it broke our whole family. Aunt Gerri was the sweetest person. She loved everyone. … It’s not fair.”

According to their Nephews

According to their nephews, Talley and his fiancee had a Saturday ritual: Each week, they would sit by the seaside and enjoy the view and each other’s company before heading home for a meal. Went to Tops last Saturday planning to buy lunch meats for sandwiches.

Harper says she broke up at the store after Talley and her fiancé sent her to buy tea. As soon as he turned the corridor away from her, gunshots were heard.

“He was dodging bullets and saying his name and… he didn’t see it,” says Harper. “He had to go into the fridge, hide in the freezer. The man then shot the glass out of the freezer.”

Harper says he will never set foot in the supermarket again after the shooting.

Chapman said Tops is one of the few places where residents shop for food, and that the trauma of being shot “affected the lifestyle and livelihood of not just my family, but every family that lives in this area.” … There aren’t many places for brown and Black communities for us to shop for the food we need.”


The shooting seemed like the country’s latest example of white supremacist violence. According to Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, 11 of the 13 people shot — including the non-fatal victims — were Black. Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the attack a “racially motivated hate crime,” and authorities are investigating the attack as terrorism.

Amid their grief, the cousins ​​are determined to take action to prevent similar acts of violence.

“You hear this anger,” Chapman says. “We don’t want that to happen anymore. We want to do everything we can as a family to make sure it doesn’t happen again. As much as we can and bring awareness to this because we can’t bring our aunt. but we can protect her dignity.”

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They are left alone with the memories of Talley, a woman they describe as a talented baker who can do anything but specializes in cheesecake and carrot cake.

“She was such a beautiful woman,” Harper says. “He would have given you the shirt he was wearing, she. Why did this happen to him? Why?”


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