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Gino Colonacosta & Rocky Colonacosta Wiki – Gino Colonacosta & Rocky Colonacosta Bio

Gino Colonacosta & Rocky Colonacosta are the Florida man and his 15-year-old son who has been arrested on attempted murder charges for shooting an innocent woman they thought was trying to break into their home, police said. Agents responded to an apartment complex located at 4900 Cypress Gardens Road in Winter Haven in reference to the shooting.

Gino Colonacosta’s neighbor had received a package of prescription drugs in the mail addressed to the Colonacosta family on the morning of October 15. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the neighbor went to Colonacosta’s home to return the package and left it in front of him. door handle According to Judd, the house had a doorbell camera on the door. So when Gino Colonacosta and his son Rocky got a notification on their phones that the camera had moved, they grabbed their guns and went after what they thought was a robber.


Gino Colonacosta is 73 years old &  Rocky Colonacosta is 15 years old.

Charged & Arrested

The neighbor had already left, but both, armed with pistols, went out to investigate. Police said that while Gino Colonacosta was checking the parking lot, Rocky looked around the perimeter of the apartment building. While searching for the nonexistent thief, the couple noticed a car about 100 yards from their home with tinted windows and the engine running.

The sheriff reported that there was a woman inside the car who was playing on her phone and “minding her own business” while Gino pointed a gun at her and demanded that she get out of the car. “When she looks up and sees Gino standing in the back of her car with a gun pointed at her, yelling at her to get out of the car, she thinks ‘he’s about to steal my car, he’s going to rob me,'” Judd said.

The woman frantically reversed her car, thinking she was being robbed and collided with another vehicle parked behind her. Rocky started shooting at her because she thought she was trying to back away from him. Gino also started shooting and they both fired a total of 7 shots at his car when he somehow managed to get away. “This is among the craziest things I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things,” the sheriff added.

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Later, after the Colonacostas and the woman reported the incident to the police, it was discovered that one of the bullets had gone through a car seat and was lodged in the driver’s seat of the car. The woman was not injured.

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