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Graham Mansfield retired airport baggage handler told Manchester Crown that these were “the saddest words he had ever heard retirees who slit his spouse’s throat in a botched suicide pact has escaped jail for manslaughter after a judge said he “acted out of love.”

Graham Mansfield said he killed Dyanne Mansfield, a 71-year-old cancer patient after she asked him to take his own life “when things went wrong for me”. He agreed to his wife’s request as long as he could kill himself.

Age of Graham Mansfield

Graham Mansfield is 73 years old, and her wife is 71 years old.

Cut Wife’s Throat Avoids Jail as Judge Says

Graham Mansfield, 73, said he killed 71-year-old cancer patient Dyanne Mansfield in an “act of love” after she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and asked her to take his life “when things got me.” went wrong.”

The retired airport baggage handler told Manchester Crown Crown that these were “the saddest words he had ever heard”, but he agreed to his wife’s request as long as she could kill herself.

A jury of 10 men and two women took 90 minutes to find Mansfield guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not murder.

Judge Goose, who sentenced Mansfield, said today: “The circumstances of this case are a tragedy for you and the experience of this court is exceptional.

“You were under tremendous emotional pressure.

“I am fully satisfied that you are acting out of love for your wife.”

On the morning of March 24 last year, Mansfield’s body was found sprawled on a chair at the foot of her garden as Mansfield lay bloodied at the couple’s home in Hale, Greater Manchester.

The court heard that Ms. Mansfield did not sign any memorandum.

Mansfield has previously said that he killed his wife as an “act of love.”


In the victim’s personal statement read out in court, Ms. Mansfield’s brother Peter Higson said: “I miss my sister very much. Her death was not a shock to me because I knew she was very ill and in great pain. “.

“However, the manner in which she died was shocking.

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“After he said he could understand the situation Graham was in. I found myself in a similar situation when my own wife died of cancer.

I bear no ill will towards Graham and will continue to value his friendship in the future.

Released on Bail

Mansfield, who was released on bail, denied the murder. He also denied an alternative charge of involuntary manslaughter on the grounds that his actions were “forced by the circumstances.”


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