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Isaac Powell Wiki – Isaac Powell Bio

Isaac Powell has died after going missing from his home, where his family had recently moved. Isaac Powell was reportedly found in a neighbor’s pool after a frantic search by family members and neighbors. The tragedy occurred on December 29 in Livingston, Western Australia, and while his mother, Zahra, was reorganizing the place after the move.


Isaac Powell died at the age of 3 years old.

Missing & Found Dead

Zahra reportedly managed to take her son’s pulse after performing CPR, but he did not survive. The boy reportedly died at Perth Children’s Hospital after being placed on life support for five days. On Monday, January 2, he was taken off life support. Powell’s aunt Ummu Bakri wrote on Facebook: “On Thursday 29th December my sister moved into her new home as Canning Vale School offered an apprenticeship program for her eldest child. She was so excited about the future and since it was her birthday, she was trying to organize everything for a family reunion in the new house”.

She continued: “While setting up the new house, she realized that her 3-year-old son was missing. She searched the house and the backyard she couldn’t find it and she thought the worst. All she could think is that she might have managed to open the side door of the garage and escape to the street. Searching the streets of Livingston for more than 15 minutes with the help of the community, Isaac was found by the children of his neighbors dead in his swimming pool”.

Bakri also revealed that an investigation had been launched and that “the police investigation found that two colored panels of the border fence were missing, visible from the neighbor’s house and hidden behind the garage and unknown to my sister and my husband on their side.” of the street”. property. I cannot comment on the integrity of the fences within the neighbor’s property.”

“A tragedy like this was preventable and a young child should be safe within the confines of their home. Please if you could get in touch with a small donation to help pay for funeral costs and psychologist expenses and help them rent another house temporarily as they are too traumatized to move into the new house it would mean the world to them. Or if you prefer to share this post to raise awareness, that would be greatly appreciated as well,” the aunt added.

Speaking to Nine News Perth, Powell’s devastated father, Stephen, said: “We have to cry, he is at peace now and we have to take solace in that. He was the cutest little boy…he was loved…he had the best lashes he was beautiful he loved cars matchbox cars he kept them in his hands the whole time he took them everywhere you wouldn’t see him without a car in hand we’ll have them with him when he leaves when is buried”.

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Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has also been started to help the grieving family. A message at the fundraiser read: “I know Stephen and Zahra would be forever grateful, but certainly not expecting anything. Let’s come together as a community to help and support Stephen and Zahra as they go through their grief and try to form some semblance of life after this devastating loss.”

“Any donation, however small, will help his family with their expenses during this difficult time. All money raised will go to Stephen who has allowed me to make this page,” the page further stated. The goal amount was set at $20,000 but you have received more than $25,000.

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