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Jason Karels, An Illinois father accused of drowning his three children in a bathtub left a note to his estranged wife, “If I can’t have them, neither can you,” prosecutors said.

The note came during a bail hearing Wednesday for Jason Karels, who has been convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for the strangulation of his children Bryant, 5, Cassidy, 3-year-old, and 2-year-old Gideon.

Age of Jason Karels

Jason Karels is 35 years old.

Dad Charged with Drowning 3 Kids Wrote to Wife

The three siblings were found dead Monday at their home in Round Lake Beach, in the Chicago suburb of Karels.

Officers found the note after she was sent home for a medical checkup at the request of Debra Karels, the mother of the children who could not reach her husband.

According to prosecutors, they observed Jason’s blood all over the house after his failed attempts to take his own life.

Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak set Jason’s bond at $10 million. Prosecutor Jeff Packham said the Lake County State Attorney’s Office would seek to detain Karels without the possibility of cash collateral. That move will be heard in court on July 13.

Jason was arrested after leading police in an accidental chase on an Interstate 80 bridge in Joliet, Illinois.

According to Fackham, Karels made statements to police officers after the accident stating that he drowned his children in a bathtub.

“He said he tried to commit suicide several times after the children’s death but was unsuccessful in those attempts,” said Round Lake Beach Police Chief Gilbert Rivera, according to ABC 7.

Officials said the Karels couple had separated and may be sharing custody of their children. The cause of the crime is being investigated.

Prosecutors said Jason was briefly hospitalized after the accident but has since been released.

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A relative claimed that Jason suffered from mental illness but refused to seek psychiatric help and was in the process of divorce after Debra allegedly suffered abuse at his hands.

But the mother of three wanted to maintain a relationship with Jason for the sake of her children and allowed them to stay with him.

Debra told The Daily Beast that she last spoke to her children late Sunday, and they seemed “happy”.

“They were excited to hear from me. They were excited to chat,” Debra told the outlet. “They weren’t doing anything special, they just seemed excited to get them the next morning.”


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