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Jenny Hayes, Abbey Forrest, 19, Inderpal Sohal, 28, and their baby Ivy died after sex worker Jenny Hayes, 43, set fire to their home in Melbourne, Australia, following a fight with Mr. Sohal, heard the court.

A woman who lit a fire that killed a young couple and her newborn baby took photos of the fire before leaving the family to die.

Abbey Forrest, 19, Inderpal Sohal, 28, and Ella Ivy’s daughter were sleeping upstairs in their rented townhouse in Melbourne, Australia, when Jenny Hayes set a mattress on fire in a downstairs bedroom.


Jenny Hayes is 46 years old.

Killed Couple and Newborn Baby

The couple woke up but were unable to reach the front door due to the flames and were unable to open the only accessible window because it was chained shut. All three died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nearly two years after the fire, which occurred in December 2020, Hayes, 46, reportedly, as part of a plea deal, was allowed to plead guilty to the charge of arson causing death rather than murder.

This comes despite Crown Prosecutor Ray Gibson telling the Victoria High Court on Monday that Hayes knew people were in the house when he set it on fire, the Daily Mail reports.

She had previously been charged with three counts of murder and one count of arson.

It is unclear why Victoria Public Prosecution Director Kerri Judd QC offered the deal, which will see Hayes subject to a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison rather than a possible life sentence.

Hayes did not appear in court and instead was allowed to phone from prison after crying over earlier appearances.

The sex worker had been called to the family home by one of Mr. Sohal’s friends.

The friend was using the couple’s downstairs bedroom during the pandemic and had arranged to meet Hayes outside the property just after 2 a.m. that night, without Sohal knowing.

The couple entered the home and, according to Gibson, the friend told Hayes there were other people inside.

Apparently, he said that she should keep her voice down because her friend was sleeping upstairs.

The court heard that after 30 minutes of sex, Mr. Aakash demanded more, but Hayes refused, prompting Mr. Aakash to recover the money from him.

He then left and left the family home.

After a series of heated text messages, Hayes told Sohal’s friend that she was going to burn down the house.

CCTV footage played in court showed Hayes making good on her threat, stopping to take photos as the downstairs bedroom caught fire.

“You fucked the wrong person,” Hayes said.

A neighbor who tried to save the family later told police that she had seen Mr. Sohal calling for help from the window before falling silent.

Hayes later told her friends about the fire, which she heard in court, saying she was sick of people stepping on her.

“I’m so sick of people thinking they can do this shit to me and it’s okay. He took what I had, so I took what he had,” she told a friend.

Hayes also showed two friends photos of the house fire, she told the court.

She later denied that she knew anyone was in the house when she set it on fire.

Abbey’s parents expressed disappointment at the prosecution’s decision not to press murder charges.

Her mother, Elizabeth Forrest, told the court: “I feel so lost and empty and cheated to the point where my heart aches…it’s not fair. She has her family. Jenny took my life.” family”.

Abbey’s father, Alan Forrest, said the justice system felt unfair and the court process seemed to protect Hayes while she offered little to her family.

He paid tribute to Abbey’s cheekiness and competitive spirit, saying that he cries during family dinners on Sundays without her.

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Several other family members also made victim statements in court, including Abbey’s grandfather and her five-year-old nephew, who showed the court a picture she had drawn of Ivy striking fire because she, she said. , she was scared.

Sohal’s sister, Harpreet Sekhon, said she couldn’t bear to tell her children that the family had died and she recalled her young son seeing a picture of them in a newspaper, reports 9 News.

“She innocently asked if they were famous,” she told the court.

“They just know that they are with the angels, watching over them.”

Hayes will be sentenced at a later date.

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