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Justin Robert Foley, “Thousands of videos” were recovered from Foley’s phone that he used to “record skirts and shorts of unsuspecting women in the classroom and hallways,” according to court documents.

A former Ohio high school teacher who already faced state charges for sexually exploiting minors is now facing federal charges related to using hidden cameras to take thousands of explicit videos of students. Justin Robert Foley, allegedly recorded “female genitalia under skirts and shorts” in public places, including at Columbus Alternative High School, where he had allegedly worked since 2013.


Justin Robert Foley is 47 years old.

Faces Federal Charges For Filming Explicit

According to the complaint, the Delaware Police Department received information from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in August about numerous images of apparent child pornography that were uploaded through Google email accounts. Investigators were able to trace the IP addresses of the fake Gmail accounts reported to Foley, which was named “NastyBoyReginald” and “jfoleyscience.” His email accounts allegedly contained “numerous images of apparent child pornography.”

The feds alleged that some videos recovered from the “NastyBoyReginald” account “appeared to have been taken in a school setting” and there were attempts to “film the skirts or shorts of teenage and pubescent women.” Foley was initially booked on Sept. 20 on one count of unlawful use of a minor or disabled person in nudity-oriented performance or material. Court records indicate that Foley admitted to “creating similar voyeuristic videos in the classroom and hallways of the school where he taught, featuring female students attending the school.” He allegedly also admitted during an on-scene police interview that he used Gmail accounts during the investigation.

“[Foley] reported that he thought both accounts had been closed by Google, Inc. due to a set of inappropriate photos of young-looking models he received from an online file-sharing link,” the complaint says, according to Law & Crime. “Foley also admitted to creating voyeuristic recordings of women, including attempts to record women’s skirts in public places and dressing rooms at local stores.”

The defendant then allegedly pointed investigators to an iPhone, laptops, and an external hard drive that “produced tens of thousands of videos and images, specifically video screenshots showing Foley using his cell phone to capture video of genitalia.” feminine under the skirts of the victims. and shorts. Investigators said they also found evidence of Foley “surreptitiously videotaping women in various dressing rooms where the depicted women were changing clothes.”

“In addition, thousands of videos and screenshots were recovered on Foley’s iPhone where Foley used his cell phone to record skirts and shorts of unsuspecting women in the classroom and hallways” of the high school where he worked, continued the investigation. complaint. Foley then enlarged some images and edited them so he could “get better video of the women’s genital area,” according to court documents. Two Jane Does, both 15 years old, were identified as victims.


The first victim is identified as a former Columbus Alternative High School student who left after her sophomore year. The videos of her appear to date from 2018, according to the documents. Foley allegedly followed the victim into the hallway “in an attempt to video up her skirt.”

“In one of the videos, Jane Doe One is shown leaning over just as FOLEY walks up behind her and records,” the complaint says. “The resulting video shows Jane Doe One’s bare and exposed genitalia outside of her underwear.” Authorities said Foley also committed the same type of crime as the second victim, who is currently a student. “At that time, Jane Doe Two is depicted wearing shorts that reveal a portion of her buttocks. The videos show FOLEY walking behind Jane Doe Two several times, recording her from different angles, including a low close-up and from behind,” the complaint states. “FOLEY then attempted to tape Jane Doe Two’s shorts in the vaginal area.”

Foley allegedly recorded more videos of the victim in a knee-length skirt, focusing the camera on her “underskirt genital area.” The teacher also had on his devices “more than a thousand images of child sexual abuse material […] showing a series of images of pre-adolescent women in various stages of undress or fully nude lewdly displaying their genitalia or anus,” the feds said. he said.

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Foley appeared in court on Wednesday, November 9, and agreed to be detained pending trial. “Defendant, represented by counsel, waived his right to a detention hearing under 18 U.S.C. §3142(f) and agreed to be detained in the custody of the United States Marshal pending final resolution of this matter,” reads an order signed by United States Magistrate Judge EA Preston Deavers. “It is therefore ORDERED that the defendant be released into the custody of the Attorney General or his designated representative for confinement in a correctional facility separate, to the extent possible, from persons awaiting or serving sentences or who are under custody pending appeal.

Foley can face decades in prison if he is convicted of child sexual exploitation and receiving and distributing child pornography. The school district reportedly said Foley was suspended pending dismissal proceedings after his arrest in September.

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