Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy Wiki – Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy Bio

Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy, the mother of one, a Honduran-Spanish citizen who had made her home in London, was found buried in a blue plastic bag in a shallow grave under her boyfriend’s grandmother’s patio in Lima, Peru.

Police have shared tragic details about the last call a London woman made to her mother before her body was found wrapped in a rubbish bag in a shallow grave under a patio in Peru.

Mother-of-one Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy, a Honduran-Spanish citizen who had made a life for herself in London, traveled to the South American country last month to enjoy the sights of her with her boyfriend Jorge Alfredo Minaya Garay.


Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy’s age is unknown.

Cause of Death

Police said Karla’s last known contact was with her mother, who lives in Spain, on September 22.

During the call, Karla was traveling in a taxi with her partner, Garay de Ella, when she told her mother that she was going on a trip to Carabayllo to visit her mother-in-law.

Then all contact between Karla and her family ceased. The next thing they knew about the couple was when Jorge Minaya returned to his shared house in London on October 4.

It is understood that he is currently being wanted by police in the UK.

His body was found buried inside a blue plastic bag in a shallow grave under the patio of his grandmother’s house in Carabayllo, according to local media.

After his apparent escape, police received an audio recording of Garay speaking on the phone with Karla’s brother, Erick Zelaya.

In an alleged confession, he revealed that he murdered Karla and buried her body on her grandmother’s property, located in a remote area of ​​northern Lima town.

Her grandmother reportedly confirmed that she had been to her house, but that she had left and did not say where she was going.

Speaking to local media at the time of her disappearance, her devastated brother Erick said: “She has many who love her and miss her. She also has an eight-year-old daughter who misses her terribly.”

He said that his sister and Garay had been together for more than a year and that Garay was a quiet man. He added that Karla had last called him using a Peruvian SIM card that he had bought there.

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The couple visited tourist spots such as Machu Picchu and Lima and shared photos of their dream trip on WhatsApp.

On October 1, Garay reportedly traveled to Chile before buying a ticket to London, where he was living with Karla and, according to local media, he is believed to have taken her belongings.

According to local media, Karla and Garay met at the facility management company Pioneer-FM Ltd in the UK.

The Mirror has contacted the Peruvian Embassy in London and the Metropolitan Police for comment.

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