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Kendall Floyd Wiki – Kendall Floyd  Biography

Kendall Floyd, Authorities said Kendall Floyd was wandering around Williamsburg Wednesday afternoon when police noticed her driving without a seat belt and pulled over.

The heart-pounding video shows the moment a man on the run from cops jumps off the elevated subway tracks in Brooklyn onto the roof of a building across the street.

Age of Kendall Floyd

Kendall Floyd is 25 years old.

Fleeing Cops Make Terrifying Rooftop Leap

Authorities said 25-year-old Kendall Floyd was cruising around Williamsburg Wednesday afternoon when police noticed her driving without a seat belt and pulled over.

However, as officers stopped the car around 4:10 pm on Humboldt and Debevoise streets, Floyd suddenly opened his car door, hit a policeman in the arm, and bolted him.

Police managed to recapture him about three blocks away, but he still refused to surrender.

Police said the slippery driver climbed a buttress post onto the elevated subway tracks near the Flushing Avenue station.

The frustrating footage posted on Twitter late Wednesday begins with Floyd standing just outside the track area, hunching over and setting his foot – people gathered below, “Don’t do it, man! It’s not worth it!”

Floyd then abruptly jumped “a great distance” onto the roof of a commercial building across the street, according to police and shocking footage.

Several cops then turned the corner and started running towards a chain-link fence that blocked the area behind the building where Floyd had landed.

One of the cops climbs the fence in the clip while the others lag behind.

Another cop is shown pulling what appears to be a wooden frame from a pile on the ground and pushing it against the fence before the clip is cut.

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Police said Floyd, who suffered a leg injury after the dramatic fall, was arrested by officers.

According to police, he was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, official misconduct, mispersonalisation, double involvement in crime, disorderly conduct, and seat belt violation.

Officials said Floyd of Queens was taken to Woodhull Medical Center in stable condition.

Police said the officer who was injured at the first stop of the vehicle went to the Brooklyn Hospital Center for a checkup.


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