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Lashun Rodgers, In Florida, authorities arrested a 10-year-old girl in Orlando for allegedly killing a 41-year-old woman who had an argument with her mother.

State Attorney Monique Worrell has yet to file any charges against the girl, who allegedly used her mother’s gun to commit the May 30 murder.

“This is one of the most tragic cases I’ve seen in my 22-year career,” Worrell said in a statement.

Age of Lashun Rodgers

Lashun Rodgers is 40 years old.

Shot & Suspect Arrested

The girl’s 31-year-old mother, Lakrisha Isaac, is also in police custody, charged with contributing to homicide negligence, child neglect, and assault with a small and aggravated firearm, according to online records.

Isaac did not defend the charges.

“Our office has started the process of reviewing this case and will take all facts into account when making a decision on charges, including the child’s age and any surrounding circumstances,” Worrell said.

Help him change and grow, and ensure the safety of the public going forward,” Worrell said.


The statement said the girl “is still a child and therefore we will not discuss any identifying information regarding this child”.

According to police, the girl was placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

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According to the arrest report, two women who were neighbors before the fatal shooting were arguing in front of an apartment building.

Things got physical when the girl’s mother allegedly punched Rodgers and he started punching her in the back too.


Rodger’s boyfriend tried to break up the fight. At one point he told police he saw the girl with the gun.

He fired a few shots at Rodgers’ head. He allegedly later said that the woman should not have hit her mother.

Rodgers later died at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The lawyer information for the mother and daughter was not available Wednesday.


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