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Layla Salazar, the daughter of Vincente Salazar III, died Tuesday when a gunman opened fire on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

As families and loved ones mourn the heartbreaking deaths of 19 children and two adults murdered at Robb Elementary School earlier this week, a father opens up about his “super special” daughter lost in the tragedy.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman crashed his car into a ditch near the school in Uvalde, Texas, then – after passing law enforcement – entered a classroom and locked himself inside, killing 21 people.

Age of Layla Salazar

Layla Salazar’s age is unknown.

Shot & Killed

Layla Salazar, daughter of Vincente Salazar III, was one of the victims.

She liked to dance on tiktok, she likes to swim. But her favorite thing was running. Pretty good at this. We had a field day recently. We’ve had three court days and he finished first in all his races: 100 yards run, 75 yards run and 75 yards hurdles. But it was three, you know, three separate years. That was definitely last year, but he never lost the race for first place every time. So we were really waiting for him to go to middle school, where he could be on the track and all this because he was excited.

She was ready to go to the next school because at the next school you have a locker. And he was ready for it. “Oh, that’s what I’m going to do with my closet” and this and that. And obviously it didn’t. But he was just special. Very special.

Well I did. Her name is Leyla but I used to call her Lulu. I do not know. I just, you know, she that little she. And that’s just me and his, you know, the name I’ll always call him. And sometimes she was embarrassed to be on the phone with her friends and I would call her Lulu. “That’s not my name, Dad.” But when she hung up, she loved it. She just didn’t want her father to embarrass her.

When he was here with us and we had grandparents, they were his great-great-grandparents, who would help them, get their feet up and put them in cars and stuff, and help them get into cars. close the door for them. And hug [them] and kiss them goodbye. He loved everyone in the family. She was totally heartbroken.

He had a great love for everyone. He really could have been anything. I mean, if you look at some of their TikTok, it’s almost like a reporter. It could be him. It could have been absolutely anything. And frankly, he’s a super fast runner. You know, he was looking forward to this.

I got a text message early on that the school was locked. And let’s say about 30 minutes later, I got another text message from school saying there was an active hitman on campus. I was at home because I worked at night, so I sleep during the day. And you know, when I got that message, I went to school right away, but there was chaos everywhere. You couldn’t pass, you couldn’t do anything. And while I was there, I got another message saying pick up your child from the Civic Center. So I left and went downtown to the Civic Center and we waited there. And they told us that no children were harmed. That’s what they told us.

I hope my daughter’s death is not in vain. And because we know their classmates, their children, their families, the other children who passed away, they are our friends. We spent the field day together. As it is a small town, we all know each other. I’ve worked with some of these people. So we stayed close because of the kids. And I want everyone to know that.

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When will it be enough? You know what I mean? I mean, how many times does it have to keep happening? Something must be done. Nothing can happen anymore. I’m not saying this just because it happened to my kid, because it’s happened to a few families in recent years. So this is what I want everyone to know. I just don’t want this to go away. And nothing is ever done about it. You know, I say because we’re the ones whose grief is left. Everyone else will eventually get on with their lives and all, and so will we, but one of us has been taken and we can’t get it back. And it’s just, just hard. We need something for this so that it doesn’t happen to other families. That’s how I feel about it. Some kind of action has to take place. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something.


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