Leilla Hamoud Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Shocking Video Shows Winston-Salem State University Student

Leilla Hamoud Wiki – Leilla Hamoud Bio

Leilla Hamoud, A viral video captures the moment a 20-year-old student was dragged in handcuffs from a lecture at a historically black university following a dispute over an essay. The video shows Leilla Hamoud handcuffed by police at Winston-Salem State University after what appears to be an altercation between the student and Cynthia Villagomez, her professor. The footage was released to TikTok on Wednesday, December 14.

In the footage, Hamoud could be heard crying and yelling that she was being mistreated by the police as her arms were pushed behind her back over what she said was a disagreement of hers over her final job. According to WXII reporter Louie Tran, she is currently facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges and is scheduled to appear in court once again on January 25, Daily Mail reports.


Leilla Hamoud is 20 years old.

Shocking Video Shows Winston-Salem State University Student

Professor Cynthia Villagomez of Winston Salem State University had Leila Hamoud, one of her black students, arrested on Wednesday, December 14, on misconduct charges. A video clip of the chaos inside the classroom as two police officers handcuffed Leila was uploaded to social media and went viral.

After Leila was released, she jumped on Instagram live and explained in detail what led up to the incident. She revealed that the cause of the disagreement was an essay she wrote for her class final exams and how her teacher was wrong and arrested her simply because Leila didn’t apologize to her.
In a video recorded by Leila’s friends, the university campus officials are seen handcuffing Leila as she can be seen breaking down in tears and telling her teacher:

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Other students in the classroom called out her teacher for yelling at Leila first and letting the situation escalate for a trivial reason. They were also heard telling the officers that Leila was not resisting. Leila told the officers that they were hurting her when they pushed her against a desk to handcuff her.

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