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Leroy Fowler, a Salisbury woman is accused of poisoning her boyfriend to death with ethylene glycol, a chemical found in antifreeze, de-icer, and hydraulic brake fluid.

Prosecutors accuse her of poisoning her partner Leroy Fowler, 55, with ethylene glycol, resulting in her death, according to the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

Church appeared in court on Friday, December 23, and the murder reportedly occurred on November 11 when Church called 911 on the same date to request an ambulance for Fowler, saying, “My boyfriend must have ingested something.” according to court documents, reports. NBC Boston. Emergency Medical Services responded and found the victim in obvious medical distress.


Leroy Fowler died at the age of 55.

Killed by His Girlfriend & Suspect Arrested

Fowler was transferred to the Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport and then to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge for further treatment. In the last attempt, Fowler was sent to Beth Israel Hospital and died on November 13. Hospital staff informed the family that Fowler’s kidneys were damaged and that they “believed she may have ingested poison,” according to the documents, according to the report.

Fowler’s family then called the Salisbury Police Department and informed a detective that they believed this was suspicious and should be investigated further. Fowler’s stepson, Michael Hawkins, told police that Fowler told him two weeks earlier that he thought Church was poisoning him. Every time he left the Church home, he “felt better,” Fowler would say, according to the documents. “Leroy did not drink alcohol and she was known to like red Powerade, Pepsi, and a coffee shake that Judy frequently made for him,” police wrote in their report, WCVB reported.

Detectives then spoke with Fowler’s family at her home, where her son, also named Leroy Fowler, said her father had been seeing Church and living with her for years. In addition, he mentioned that he also had a second girlfriend and that he was known to “go back and forth between these two women,” according to court documents. Hawkin told police that Church said she “wanted to murder” Fowler’s other girlfriend and that she had offered him $10,000 to “kidnap” Fowler from the woman’s home, “tie him up and take him away.”

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Fowler’s sister, Tammy Carbone, expressed similar concerns to Hawkins, who told police that Church had told her over the phone that Fowler believed the coffee shakes she had made for him were poisonous. At the time, however, Carbone dismissed the conversation as a joke.

Police said they discovered a bottle of orange de-icing fluid in the kitchen during a search of Church’s home and a bottle of Powerade fruit punch with orange residue in the trash. According to authorities, an image recovered from Church’s phone showed an orange liquid in a clear glass in a wall-mounted cup holder above the bed where Fowler slept.

The church was brought before a judge Friday in Newburyport District Court and was held without bail, prosecutors said. The next appointment will be on January 23.

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