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Lloyd Love Jr Wiki – Lloyd Love Jr Bio

Lloyd Love Jr is a SWAT team and a Denver police helicopter tracked down Love’s vehicle and “performed a high-risk traffic stop,” leading to his arrest, according to reports.

Lloyd Love Jr, a former security guard, has been accused of fatally shooting his boss Marvin Johnson on October 20, 2022. The man reportedly killed the 52-year-old victim because his name was misspelled on a $165 bill. paycheck

According to Aurora Police, officers received a call about a break-in report in the 16800 block of Centertech Parkway on Oct. 20, 2022, around 7 p.m. But when they arrived, the call turned into a shooting. Police said there was a “dispute between an employer and a former employee,” which left the employer dead. After this, more police arrived and searched the place for the suspect, who had allegedly fled the scene, reports True Crime Daily. A SWAT team and a Denver police helicopter reportedly tracked Love’s vehicle and “conducted a high-risk traffic stop,” leading to his arrest.


Lloyd Love Jr is 35 years old.

Charged & Arrested

KDVR claims that according to an affidavit, Love received her first paycheck from American Eagle Protection Services on Oct. 20, 2022, but was unable to cash it because her facility was on the wrong list. Instead of Lloyd C Love, he mentioned Lloyd K Love. The typographical error did not allow you to cash the paycheck. So he called Patricia Johnson, co-owner of American Eagle Protection and wife of the victim, demanding a new paycheck immediately. Following this, she arrived at the parking lot of the Raytheon facility at 16800 E Centertech Parkway, where Johnson handled exterior security for Raytheon, an aerospace company.

Explaining the circumstances, Marvin told Lloyd that a new paycheck cannot be processed until Patricia has an account of the old paycheck. Lloyd said that he can’t provide it because he tore it up in frustration. Marvin then tried to handle the situation with the suspect and told Patricia to give him a new paycheck.

But when he turned his head to tell his wife, multiple witnesses said Lloyd pulled out a gun and shot Marvin in the face. Meanwhile, Lloyd fled and called his girlfriend to pick him up a few blocks away. He told her, “I just did something stupid,” but she didn’t share any details. However, after a few minutes, the SWAT team arrested him.

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Later, his girlfriend reported to the police that he had told her that he had been “diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, even though she had never seen Lloyd take medication for these mental disorders … because he doesn’t like how he does it.” make you feel”.

After the shooting, police recovered five .380 shell casings from the scene. And the suspect has now been booked on a first-degree murder charge and is being held without bail.

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