Maddie Budd Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charged, Arrested, Human Waste is Poured over Captain Tom Memorial

Maddie Budd Wiki – Maddie Budd Bio

Maddie Budd came under fire online after she agreed to be the face of the controversial stunt, which was organized by the End UK group Private Jets. An environmental protester who dumped a bucket of human feces and urine on a monument to Captain Sir Tom Moore is understood to have been arrested.

The statue of the British Army officer came after he rose to fame during the pandemic for raising £32 million for NHS charities.


Maddie Budd is 21 years old.

Charged & Arrested

Maddie Budd, 21, came under fire online after the controversial stunt, which was organized by the End UK group Private Jets.

Some have said the activist should have been given a mop and bucket of water to clean the monument in Hatton, Derbyshire.

The woman is understood to have now been arrested, with a spokesperson for the environmental group telling The Sun: “I was in London at another protest with Maddie.

“We were walking away very calmly after all and we parted ways.

“I left but then they stopped her and searched her. She was escorted by 18 police officers.

“It was my understanding that these police officers had been sent to find her specifically.

“They had been sent to look for her in the crowd. Lucky for them, we were walking towards them.

“I think she was under suspicion of causing criminal damage.”

Austin Cox, managing director of AGC Fabrications, told MailOnline: “We are working with the police, we have a crime reference number.

“We are looking for him and we hope that he will be prosecuted. I really can’t say more than that at this point.”

He had previously publicly tweeted: “I am the person who gifted the monument to Thistley Meadow and would like to inform you that we will be going after Maddie for vandalism.

“We will work with law enforcement to ensure this is taken as far as possible.”

Video Footage

Video footage of the incident was posted on End UK Private Jets’ social media but has since been shared hundreds of times.

Maddie’s father Jim Budd, 62, told MailOnline that she had “gone rebellious” after dropping out of medical school to become a full-time eco-warrior, giving up her career.

Speaking from her home near Kington on the England-Wales border, he said: “The shock of this is hurting people and upsetting them.

“I am ashamed of her and what she has made of her. There has been a huge public backlash for obvious reasons. I don’t think she understands what the hell she was unleashing on her.

“She did something horrible without thinking about the consequences. I felt sick with shock when I saw it. I texted her but she didn’t reply.

“She goes against all the things you install in your children, it is not normal behavior. I am extremely sad. The fact is that she has become a bit rebellious.”

But speaking of her protest, the former medical student said: “People are going to say he’s a hero, people are going to say this is a profound and obscene disrespect to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I to accept.

“I was studying to be a doctor because I believe in taking care of people.

“If we believe the NHS matters if we believe in looking after each other if we believe NHS workers are doing essential work, why are we forcing our health system to collapse?

“Why are we forcing our civilization to collapse, why is basically no one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?

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“This is all true and the government won’t even put an end to UK private jets, every time one takes off it pours a bucket of shit and blood on everything Captain Tom stood for.”

Derbyshire Police confirmed that officers are aware of the incident and investigations are currently ongoing.

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