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Mae Amburgey is an elderly woman who was trapped inside her home in eastern Kentucky. She was rescued after she posted a photo on social media of her devastated granddaughter sitting in a room surrounded by waist-deep water.

Age of

Mae Amburgey died at the age of 97 years old.

Saved From Flooded

Mae Amburgey, 98, sits in her Letcher County home on July 28, 2022, surrounded by water after the catastrophic flooding in Kentucky. Gregory Amburgey Gregory Amburgey

“Out of desperation,” Crovetti took to Facebook and posted a photo of Amburgey at her Whitesburg home “with hope in her heart.” The image quickly went viral. A video of Amburgey’s rescue shows a security team walking up to his neck in water just feet from the roof of his home.

“I was desperate to bring someone home,” said Crovetti of Whitesburg, who now lives north of Chicago. Later that day, Crovetti said Mae Amburgey and her son, Larry Amburgey, in his 70s, swam out of the house on Highway 119 across from Letcher County Central High School.

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The boats approached them and broke a window of the house. The Amburgey’s did a good job of swimming toward the boats, Crovetti said, as the current was too fast for them. “Mae Mae,” as Crovetti called her grandmother, was “hanging from a bridge,” but rescuers quickly caught up with her, Crovetti said. Before they could reach him, her uncle went down the river, inhaled the water, and was on a ventilator for nearly 15 hours at Whitesburg Appalachian Hospital. He is recovering.

Cause of Death

A Kentucky grandmother who was saved from her flooded home in July thanks in part to a viral photo showing her sitting on her bed in waist-deep water has died at 97, her relatives said.

Mae Amburgey died Oct. 8 in her sleep at her son’s home in Chelsea, Alabama, where she had been staying because she couldn’t return to her flood-damaged home in Whitesburg, Kentucky, relatives told the Associated Press. Lexington Herald-Leader.

“I think she died of a broken heart,” the woman’s granddaughter, Missy Amburgey Crovetti, told the newspaper. “I think if she hadn’t been for the flood, if she hadn’t suffered that trauma, I think she would still have been with us.”

Amburgey Crovetti wrote in an update on a GoFundMe page that she had initially launched to help repair her grandmother’s house that her nonagenarian “fought a hell of a fight” since her dramatic rescue.

The image quickly went viral and Amburgey and her son Larry were rescued from the floods, as seen on video.

The 97-year-old woman was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia, while her son Larry de Ella inhaled water and ended up on a ventilator.

Amburgey was eventually released and sent to a nursing home to continue her recovery, but she was unable to return to her beloved home, which has become uninhabitable.

The official death toll from flash flooding in Kentucky has now reached 43, Gov. Andy Beshear said during a news conference last week.

GoFundMe Page

Crovetti said he is happy that he and his son are safe today.

He opened a GoFundMe account to help with his grandmother’s expenses due to the flood. His house is in complete disarray and he, like many in the area, did not have flood insurance,” Crovetti wrote. Ermine has never lived outside of Ky and she would love to stay home. “Thank you in advance and please know that we are grateful and plan to help our neighbors with additional funds as well.”


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