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Mara Louk is a woman who claims that Christian college failed to protect her after she reported she had been strangled and raped by a classmate last year and punished her for standing out, according to reports.

On Wednesday, Mara Louk filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education about the Visible College of Music in Memphis.

Age of Mara Louk

Mara Louk is 22-years-old.

Visible Music College Punished

According to court documents, the former student claims that administrators will not dismiss the attacker from his classes because he has not been arrested.

Mara Louk claims her Christian school failed to protect her after she reported that she was strangled and raped by a classmate last year.

According to the lawsuit, they also accused Louk of breaking school rules that prohibit premarital sex with a different student—his ex-boyfriend. Although she denied the accusation, the school threatened to kick her out of school if she didn’t sign a confession and finish the school year remotely, according to an NBC News report.

“Just, why did I talk?” I felt like. Louk told the network.

Louk wants the Department of Education to investigate Visible and determine if the school violated a federal campus safety law that requires administrators to tell students their options for assistance when they report sexual crimes.

Louk also wants the federal agency to determine whether the school discriminates against it under Title IX of the gender equality law, which protects students from discrimination based on gender.

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The university declined to comment last week. Visible’s president, Ken Steorts, said the school has yet to see a copy of Louk’s complaint, but told NBC “Visible will cooperate with any investigation into the allegations contained in the complaint.”

Calls to Louk’s lawyer were not returned on Saturday.


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