Melissa Wolke Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Ordered Her Pet Pit Bull to Maul a Man, Jailed

Melissa Wolke Wiki – Melissa Wolke Bio

Melissa Wolke is a woman who ordered her pet pit bull to maul a man in an attack that killed him has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder. Melissa Wolke, 40, pleaded guilty to the murder of Donald Abner, a 55-year-old auto mechanic, with whom she lived in Conway, Kentucky.

At the time, authorities responded to the gruesome murder around 3 a.m. on January 10, 2020, following reports of an altercation. State police found Wolke on top of Abner upon arrival. They saw her hit him while her pit bull bit his head and face. A neighbor later told authorities they heard her encourage the canine to attack by saying, “Good boy, catch him.”


Melissa WolkeĀ is 40 years old.

Ordered Her Pet Pit Bull to Maul a Man & Jailed

Officers on the scene said they were forced to shoot the dog to death upon arrival at the residence on Pug Lane in Rockcastle County, near US Highway 25. Wolke later collapsed in an interview with police and he repeatedly said, “My God, I was a redneck on it.” An autopsy found that Abner died at the scene from asphyxiation. Forensics also found a broken bone in his neck and bite marks on his face and head. Testifying in court, Kentucky State Police Detective Ryan Loudermilk said a Wolke neighbor recalled hearing sounds of a party a couple of hours before the attack. He also claimed to have heard gunshots in the weeks leading up to the incident but did not know what he was shooting at.

The neighbor said he recorded the attack on his phone, but deleted the video because it made him “sick to watch”: officers were unable to retrieve the footage. “He appeared to have blood on his hands and feet and he had a large lock of hair on his hands that matched the victim’s hair,” a police report at the time stated. State Trooper Scottie Pennington told WKYT the dog had bitten the victim multiple times in the face and head, and they had no choice but to shoot the canine since Wolke didn’t tell him to back off. “The way I see it, she used her animal, a pit bull, as a weapon to help her in this altercation,” Pennington told the station.

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The court heard that the defendant had a history of alcohol abuse and had tried to stop drinking for some time. Citing police, NBC15 reported that the suspect also had a history of blackouts from alcohol. She had been friends with Abner for 20 years and he stayed at his house for about three months before his death. The outlet also reported that Wolke told police that his dog had been a fighting dog but that he had not exhibited violent tendencies during the time she owned him. Investigators reportedly found no signs of a struggle while searching the house, but only found an empty liquor bottle.

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