Molly Jarrett and Coby Jordan Wiki, Bio, Age, Man and Woman Dressed as Superhero Kidnap Girl

Molly Jarrett and Coby Jordan Wiki – Molly Jarrett and Coby Jordan Bio

Molly Jarrett, Two Alabama adults have been arrested after they kidnapped a girl and brought her across state lines to Florida. The teenager was allegedly tied up and beaten and left under a tree sometime before dawn. Coby Jerome Jordan, 22, and Molly Michele Jarrett, 19, were taken into custody after the teen in severe distress contacted law enforcement in the Sunshine State.

Jarrett, who was dressed in ‘cosplay’ and her accomplice, Jerome kidnapped a minor in Alabama on Friday night, November 4, and took her to Florida where she was beaten in an abandoned building before leaving her under a tree. A Jackson County resident reported to sheriff’s deputies around 6:15 a.m. Saturday that they had seen the girl. The girl, whose age or identity police refused to disclose and only claimed she was a minor, was allegedly bound with duct tape when she was discovered by sheriff’s deputies.


Molly JarrettĀ is 19 years old and Coby Jordan is 22 years old.

Man and Woman Dressed as Superhero Kidnap Girl

On Friday night, Jerome kidnapped the girl, and later that night he met two women, one of whom was Jarrett, the other suspect remains unknown. Around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, the girl was taken to an abandoned building in Florida, where Jordan beat her and tied her hands and feet. Later she was left alone under a tree. “Deputies found a minor with her hands tied behind her back,” the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said. The girl was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. Both Alabama adults were arrested later Saturday by officers in their home county of Houston, Alabama. At the time of the arrest, Jarrett was dressed as the superhero Raven from the Teen Titans show and wearing cowboy boots. It is unclear what inspired the outfit.

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Florida court records list Jordan as living in Dothan, Alabama, and Jarrett in nearby Taylor, also in Alabama, according to Jordan faces charges of robbery, false imprisonment, tampering with a victim, and assault. Jarrett is charged with one count of first-degree principal burglary, first-degree principal false imprisonment, first-degree principal tampering with a victim, and first-degree principal assault, essentially accessory to each alleged crime, reported Law and Crime. Authorities have not released information about the motive for the crime.

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