Moscow slayer Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Instagram User Followed all University of Idaho, Victims and Posted Knife Pics

Moscow slayer Wiki – Moscow slayer Bio

Moscow Slayer, The investigation into the University of Idaho murders continues as police have yet to find a possible suspect or lead. While the police do their job, web detectives are hard at work finding the killer who stabbed Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, in the early hours of November. 13, until death. Now, certain social media posts claim that there is an Instagram user calling himself ‘The Moscow Slayer’ who could be the person behind the massacre.

So far, there is no trace of the suspect or the murder weapon, even after officials have followed up on more than 600 leads and conducted nearly 100 interviews. People have now discovered an Instagram account that followed all of the Idaho murder victims. Although the account was removed, several screenshots found their way onto the internet. The bio for the account reads, “Car dealership owner and retired operator of JSOC Level One Special Mission Unit (SEAL Team Six).” Some users who discovered the account before it was removed saw that the person operating the account was following the victims and had images of a knife hinting at the fact that all the victims were stabbed and died due to deep wounds. The attacks have been considered to have been directed by the police.


Moscow Slayer’s age is unknown.

Internet Discovers Cryptic Posts

One suspicious user wrote: “There was an Instagram account linked to the movie kill the lcones making fun of the victims before and after and it was called Moscow slayer.” Another user tweeted: “What kind of person follows the victims on Instagram and has an account called ‘the_moscow_slayer’ and posts this weird shit?” One more user wrote: “The “Moscow killer” butt he posted on IG of dead girls had a picture of him holding a military knife and he was wearing gloves in the picture. I have to think if you have a knife like that you probably bought the ones.” gloves (BOGO)”. .

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A suspicious user asked, “The other disturbing item is the IG account of ‘Moscow Slayer‘ or something similar, has that been discussed?” Another user who saw a post on the possible suspect’s account wrote: “Instagram username Moscow Slayer had a post a day ago saying he lost a ka-bar knife a few days ago but he deleted it and it’s not here. “. One more user wrote: “Another disturbed individual is the reprobate who uses the pseudonym ‘the_moscow_slayer’ on Instagram. Some people think this individual is in on it, others think they are trolling. Personally, it’s hard to say, but it’s clear that this individual should be looked within.”

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