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Murad Dervish Wiki – Murad Dervish Bio

Murad Dervish is a former student who shot and killed a University of Arizona professor inside a campus building Wednesday afternoon, according to the school and a report.

The gunman opened fire inside the John W. Harshbarger building on the university’s main campus in Tucson around 2 p.m., forcing the school to close for more than an hour before the suspect was arrested.


Murad Dervish is 45 years old.

Charged & Arrested

Orange County sheriffs quickly filed a petition charging the unnamed suspect with two counts of first-degree murder but spent weeks tracking down the teen.

Authorities have not released the identity of the suspected killer or the circumstances of the arrest due to the state’s strict child protection laws.

“We understand that our community is hungry for information to help process this tragedy; however, laws regarding juvenile confidentiality are strict. We do not have the ability to set them aside, even given the heightened interest in this case,” Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a statement Wednesday.

In North Carolina, 16- and 17-year-old felons are not automatically tried as adults, although the case could be transferred to Superior Court.

The possibility that the suspect could be tried as a minor has provoked outrage from relatives and friends of the murdered teenagers.

“It’s hard for us to process everything that’s going on because we don’t have any details,” said Clark’s aunt, Crystal Hughes. “Our lack of information just doesn’t sit well with us.”

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Both Woods and Clark, who were friends, were reported missing the weekend they were found dead.

University of Arizona hydrology professor Thomas Meixner was shot to death on October 5 in the John W. Harshbarger Building. The suspect, the former UA graduate student Murad Dervish in the department of hydrology and atmospheric sciences, is now in custody.

The University of Arizona Police Department held a news conference at 5:30 p.m. to provide information and updates on the shooting, including a timeline of events.

At 1:59 p.m. m., the University of Arizona Police Department received a call requesting to escort a person out of the Harshbarger building “who was not allowed to be in that building,” said UAPD Police Chief Paula Balafas.

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