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Nikki Huang, a former college hoopster found shot and burned, was an innocent bystander in a deadly NYC gang war.

A young convicted couple found shot to death and burned beyond recognition in a car in a Bronx park were the victims of a deadly gang war involving a stolen purse, law enforcement told The Post.

Age of Nikki Huang

Nikki Huang died at the age of 23-years-old.

Found Shot and Burned

Nikki Huang and 22-year-old former college student Jesse Parrilla were executed in a series of retaliatory shootings after Huang was caught last Sunday by fellow gangsters with whom a rival team robbed him and stole his purse, sources said on Thursday.

Sources said that Parrilla was not part of the deadly beef between rival Up the Hill and Down the Hill crews and was only involved in bloodshed while spending time with Huang.

Michelle Morales, the mother of the former cashier who owned the car in which the couple was killed, said her son knew Huang from middle school.

“He was just a kind-hearted person who helped a friend ride a horse,” she said through tears. “I don’t think he knew anything. He had no idea what was going on because he would never have put himself in a situation like this.

“I was so angry, devastated and hurt that my son was taken from me in this way. When I was finally able to talk to him, his last words to me were ‘I love you’.”

The bodies of the tragic young couple were found in a burnt-out car at around 4:30 am on Monday at Pelham/Split Rock Golf Course in the Bronx – with a few clues to help the cops.

But detectives now suspect that the tragic series of events that led to the shooting death and burning of the young couple was set in motion after 23-year-old Huang was robbed near a housing project on the Lower East Side.

The attackers were allegedly a local crew member who called himself the Down the Hill Gang.

The young woman, whose family owned a manicure salon and restaurant on the Lower East Side, had friends from the rival Up the Hill gang. Instead of going to the police, she reported the crime to them.

Police sources said the two gangs were second-generation Big Apple teams, with Down the Hill calling Alphabet City its home ground and controlling Up the Hill’s Lower East Side.

As far away as San Francisco and as close as Paterson, New Jersey, they are not affiliated with national gangs that have been immersed in territorial wars for years.

And it seems that competition in Manhattan is so strong that they didn’t let Huang’s heist slip, who lost his wallet as well as cash and credit cards.

Sources said the payback began with a series of shootings on Sunday.

Police said at 11:18 PM Brandon Atkinson, a prominent 39-year-old member of the Down the Hill gang, was shot dead in Alphabet City. It was unknown whether Atkinson was the robber who stole the bag, but police said he was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Payback from the Down the Hill gang came quickly, less than an hour later, when two Up the Hill members were shot and wounded on Pike Street.

They then pursued Huang and continued their vengeance. Cops believe the Down the Hill members targeted him for abducting him while hanging out with Parrilla on Sunday night.

Both teenagers are captured and held by the gang as the Down the Hill members seek further revenge by forcing the young woman to betray a friend. They ordered him to search for him and leave his Queens home so that he could be ambushed.


According to police sources, the victim, identified as 27-year-old Maurice Sullivan, was taking out his trash in Maspeth when a dark-colored vehicle approached at around 2:20 am and hit the victim on the left side of the face.

Tragically, the bloodshed was not over as Huang and his friend Parrilla would be the last to die.

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Some time after calling Sullivan, the victims were taken to a quiet green area near the popular Bronx golf course, where they were shot gang-style and the car owned by Parrilla’s mother was set on fire.

“During his time on campus in 2018-2019, Jesse was an energetic and beloved student who made an impact on many areas, including our men’s basketball team,” the statement said.

“Jesse continued her academic pursuits at GCC as an online student in the spring of 2021,” he said. “Jesse is greatly missed by the GCC community…”


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